Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend bliss.

It was wonderful to be in town this weekend. It is super fun to travel and see family, but there's nothing like a nice relaxing weekend at home! Well, that is exactly what we did this weekend: chilled. Friday we ate some Chinese food and went to movie night at Sierra's house. We watched The Green Lantern... not really my type of thing but I did enjoy referencing Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory quite often! Saturday we slept in! I made a yummy treat for breakfast, Biscuit Cinnamon Buns! I found the recipe on Pinterest and we actually had all the ingredients so we just threw it together! YUM & easy!
Later we cleaned house and got a lot of errands done! I made a yummy "cheese, bacon, honey drizzle" dip for our game night! I forgot to take a picture but it was delicious!! I'm going to make it for an appetizer for Easter too so maybe I can upload the recipe then! So Saturday night we headed to our friends Ashley and Bobby's house! We were having game night and celebrating Bobby's 30th birthday!! Here's the group:
We thought about all wearing black for his big 3-0 but figured that may be a little too harsh! So, instead we all wore green, his favorite color!! It was sooo funny. He didn't notice for the longest time! Ahh, it was a fun night! Here's me and hubby sportin' our green:
Hope you continue to have a relaxing Sunday!

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