Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays.

Yesterday I stumbled upon The Life of the Wife blog through another one that I follow. Thursday's she has a linkup called The Last Thing Thursdays. I like the concept, so here we are :)


*Took a picture of: 
We got our study guides in for Secret Church in a few weeks. For those of you that aren't familiar its a 6+ hour teaching session that is put on at Church of Brookhills by David Platt (the author of Radical)! Our sunday school class is going to do it simulcast! Hubby and I did it last fall and enjoyed it so much! We are really looking forward to it!

Yesterday I found myself in Homegoods drooling on this, that and everything. I was deteremined to only buy one thing for less than $20... and I accomplished that goal, thank ya very much! I bought a piece to old my make up on our bathroom counter. I want to do a before and after post on it so I'm not doing a picture yet! 

*Made from Pinterest:
Wellllll, this isn't complete yet but I'm in the progress of making it! All the printables from this tutorial on Pinterest cost money so I'm in the process of making my own! Can't wait to write a post on it!

*Cried at:
How about I get emotional any time anything is a teeny tiny bit sad or happy. Haven't had legit tears for a while... maybe at The Vow last month. Yeah that lovey dovey heart break stuff gets me everytime!

And last but not least:
*Drooled over:
Mmhmm, colorful spring time. Can I please have for my kitchen table?!

Sooo, go link up... this is a great one and it's not that big yet! Do it!

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  1. Love it all girl! Can't wait to see the AFTER! Thanks for linking up!!