Friday, March 30, 2012

High five for Friday.


1. My love/hate relationship... Insanity. I hate that sore feeling, but then through the day it grows on me. I think, I'm getting fit... I'm getting healthy. Here's to day 5! Eck!
2. All of the wonderful mail we have been getting lately! So many Save The Dates, Shower Invites, & Wedding Invites! This wonderful season is upon us!!

3. Auburn basketball player Kenny Gabriel competed in the dunk contest last night! I was so proud of him! He got second place!
4. Finally finishing up my passport application! I need to get it done and out of the way!! Excited for Israel this summer!!

5. Everyday and every week I'm learning to love my hubby more & more! This week it continued to show me that he is the bestttt
{this is not our dog! If you know me, this picture in itself is a big deal!!} 

Happy happy Friday!! I'm so glad it's here :) Aren't you?!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impromptu date night.

Tuesday I ended up having to work late... this was unfortunate since our apartment was a complete disaster and we were without any bread. I was being a horrible wife- dirty house and nothing for hubby's lunch. Thankfully he is a forgiving man :) Anyways, I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything done after work because we were going to the AU vs. Samford baseball game conveniently located just right down the road at Samford! Hubby's high school friend plays for Samford so it was a perfect time to go watch him! {Hubby and I went to watch him on our first Valentine's Day! So, it's a happy memory for us!}
So I figured this is business as usual, just going to a game. To my surprise... it felt like a date! It was fun! Just sitting around chatting and watching the game. Baseball games are so different then other sports- it's very very chill! 
I was so happy to just get to chitchat with my hubby for 3 hours. It was beautiful weather and lots of AU people were there! Unfortunately Samford's stadium is ity bity {but really pretty!} so we had to sit on the grass! Side note- we just started doing Insanity, the workout, so sitting on the ground was slightly painful for our overly sore bodies!
Andddd in other big news, I smelled a hot dog while at the game and kind of craved one. This is odd because I have never liked hot dogs! Hubby loves them so we split one. I insisted that we put ketchup on it- get this... I don't like ketchup either! It was a strange taste buds night! Well I tried it, and it was okay. Just okay. Won't be buying another one of those for me any time soon.
So we lost the game in the bottom of the 9th on a grand slam. Sad! But it was still a fun date night!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend bliss.

It was wonderful to be in town this weekend. It is super fun to travel and see family, but there's nothing like a nice relaxing weekend at home! Well, that is exactly what we did this weekend: chilled. Friday we ate some Chinese food and went to movie night at Sierra's house. We watched The Green Lantern... not really my type of thing but I did enjoy referencing Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory quite often! Saturday we slept in! I made a yummy treat for breakfast, Biscuit Cinnamon Buns! I found the recipe on Pinterest and we actually had all the ingredients so we just threw it together! YUM & easy!
Later we cleaned house and got a lot of errands done! I made a yummy "cheese, bacon, honey drizzle" dip for our game night! I forgot to take a picture but it was delicious!! I'm going to make it for an appetizer for Easter too so maybe I can upload the recipe then! So Saturday night we headed to our friends Ashley and Bobby's house! We were having game night and celebrating Bobby's 30th birthday!! Here's the group:
We thought about all wearing black for his big 3-0 but figured that may be a little too harsh! So, instead we all wore green, his favorite color!! It was sooo funny. He didn't notice for the longest time! Ahh, it was a fun night! Here's me and hubby sportin' our green:
Hope you continue to have a relaxing Sunday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays.

Yesterday I stumbled upon The Life of the Wife blog through another one that I follow. Thursday's she has a linkup called The Last Thing Thursdays. I like the concept, so here we are :)


*Took a picture of: 
We got our study guides in for Secret Church in a few weeks. For those of you that aren't familiar its a 6+ hour teaching session that is put on at Church of Brookhills by David Platt (the author of Radical)! Our sunday school class is going to do it simulcast! Hubby and I did it last fall and enjoyed it so much! We are really looking forward to it!

Yesterday I found myself in Homegoods drooling on this, that and everything. I was deteremined to only buy one thing for less than $20... and I accomplished that goal, thank ya very much! I bought a piece to old my make up on our bathroom counter. I want to do a before and after post on it so I'm not doing a picture yet! 

*Made from Pinterest:
Wellllll, this isn't complete yet but I'm in the progress of making it! All the printables from this tutorial on Pinterest cost money so I'm in the process of making my own! Can't wait to write a post on it!

*Cried at:
How about I get emotional any time anything is a teeny tiny bit sad or happy. Haven't had legit tears for a while... maybe at The Vow last month. Yeah that lovey dovey heart break stuff gets me everytime!

And last but not least:
*Drooled over:
Mmhmm, colorful spring time. Can I please have for my kitchen table?!

Sooo, go link up... this is a great one and it's not that big yet! Do it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raleigh, North Carolina.

This past weekend hubby and I ventured up to North Carolina with my in-laws to visit  my brother-in-law Michael and his wife Stacy. Actually hubby and his dad had the luxury of taking a short flight up there while me, Cathy, and Mere had to endure the 9 hour drive! The boys enjoyed watching some of the NCAA March Madness games. They got to watch Alabama lose to Creighton and UNC beat whoever they were playing! Hubby loves some basketball so I was happy for him to get to experience a big time game. 
Obviously, they got there quite early... but he said it was fun fun fun! Well anyways we joined up with them later that night around 1am Eastern time. We caught up and then settled in for the night. Saturday we made our way around Raleigh... ate some yummy CookOut and did some shopping at H&M. Finally got me some coral pants, maybe a post to come about those soon {love them}.
We had a picnic for lunch out at a park. The weather was wonderful and I was soaking up that wonderful sunshine!
Saturday night we cooked up some delicious lasagna and had some fun playing MadGab. Yes, the girls team won again. This is going to become the official game of the Watford family. Sunday we went to their church Open Door- we really enjoyed seeing where they go and their preacher was great! After lunch we went back to the church for the Congolese service. They spoke in French, but had a translator and I really enjoyed it. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing how they worship. It reminded me of being in Venezuela or Mexico and listening to the preachers speak Spanish.. and not having an idea of what they are saying, but completely feeling the Holy Spirit move around you! Those are times you don't forget!
{The bulletin for the Congolese service... French, French, French!}
Big shout out to my sweet hubby this weekend. He definitely went out of his way to make sure I had fun and was taken care of. I appreciate his wisdom in our marriage. Love him!

Friday, March 16, 2012

High Five for Friday.

On your mark... get set... go: here's my high 5!

#1. Helloooo, it's March Madness!! Is your bracket all filled out? Who do you have winning it all? I'm going with Kentucky!
#2. This is a biggie... so excited that work has finally slowed down slightly. I was about to lose my mind with all the changes and extra hours!

#3. I did it... I tried one of those new Doritos tacos for Taco Bell. It was so YUM!
#4. This weeks Up All Night. First off this is me and hubby's all time favorite show- we literally laugh out  loud the whole episode!! Chris has baby feverrrr and Regan wants nothing to do with it. I just loved how Chris was so passionate about wanting to have another one... precious dad moment... look forward to seeing hubby be a dad one day!
#5. Here's my new color of choice for my nails! The polish is Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear- Mint Sorbet, it's just springfully delicious! (Sorry the pic quality is horrendous!!) I've gotten so many comments about how "I'm so ready for St. Patrick's Day" ... haha okay.

Sooo, go link up... and thanks for stopping by :)

The Nail Files

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

Linking up today to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds this week:

{Love this spring color! Thinking hubby may get it for me for Easter!}

{Bucket list- Fun to do with kids for summer vacation!}

{Would love to do this and frame it in our house!}

{This necklace needs a pair of coral shorts and a white top}

{I need these lace shorts!}
Source: via Summer on Pinterest

I could just go on & on... happy Wednesday folks, we're half way there!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Showers; baby & wedding.

This past weekend we headed to Auburn to do some serious celebrating :) My Mammaw and two aunts threw a shower for my cousin Robyn and her fiance and also my sister-in-law Katherine and coming soon baby Caroline! It was Auburn and tailgate themed and I had a lot of fun wrapping their gifts in orange and blue. War Eagle! It was a family shower so the house was filled with lots of family, from quite a few families. 

We had fun catching up with extended family and showering our loved ones! If June 27th (Katherine's due date) and August 4th (Robyn's wedding day) could just hurry up and arrive I'm sure everyone would be beyond thrilled! Here's a few photos from the shower:
{Me and the Elizabeth's with Katherine and Robyn. So happy to have my favorite girls there!}
{Love my Tatum girl even though she refuses to say my name}
{Katherine's parents gave Blake a fun little gift! The apron says "Daddy on Duty" and the pockets are filled with funny things dads would love to ideally use on a daily bases: diaper trash bags, plastic gloves, air freshener & a mask for diaper duty}
{Tatum girl keeping everyone entertained!}
{With one of our favorite engaged couples!}
Hubby did such a great job at the shower... since I had to tend to my "matron of honor duties" (haha), he manned the camera for me and was just as sweet as can be. Times like this remind me of how lucky I am to have this boy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Miscellany Monday.

Linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday :)

Smash is my new favorite show. I know it's slightly raunchy but it's so entertaining!! It makes Monday's that much more tolerable! I love all the dancing, singing, and drama! Can't wait for the episode tonight- I think things are finally going to get better for Karen!

SO excited to head to Auburn this weekend. It's been completely too long and I get to go to Katherine's baby shower/Robyn and Greg's wedding shower!
{my cute little preggers sister-in-law!}
{my precious cousin Robyn and her fiance Greg}
Falling in love with some pinterest finds here lately. Hubby thinks I absolutely don't need anymore shoes... I pretty much don't agree with him! They are too stinkin' cute!
{love them too? find them here}
WANT to make this chocolate fudge pound cake. It looks completely delicious! I need a party to take it to- give me an excuse to make it!!  YUM!

So there's the randoms for this Monday. Let's hurry and move on to Tuesday, please!

Miscellany Monday @
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day trip to Atlanta.

For Christmas I got Matthew tickets to see the pro basketball team- the Atlanta Hawks. Little did I know, going to a pro game for the first time for a guy is like letting a girl like me have a shopping spree at the nearest mall! I made a remark while at the game that the guy in front of us was taking quite a bit of pictures of all the players and how I thought it was funny. Matthew said, "I would do the same thing." Haha, who knew... learn something new about my hubby all the time. 

Hubby was the sweetest and brought me Chickfila in bed for breakfast- yes, I do stay in bed that long! Once we got all ready we headed to Leeds to check out the outlets. We both had never been there... I was impressed! It was super nice and is now my new favorite place. They have Gap and Banana Republic outlets! Hubby bought me an outfit and lets just say I could have done sooo much damage to the budget there!! We had a yummy free pretzel from Auntie Anne's while we were there! Success, success!
{road trippin'}
We eventually made it to Atlanta and found a place to park downtown. We headed to the CNN center. It was our first time there too. We we're impressed with it too! How great to have a food court connected to the Philips Arena. SO great! We had some yummy Chinese- I was set on getting my Chinese fix! Then watched some CNN before heading into the game!

{After the game in the Arena}
Here's my two instagrams from the day:

{So many crazies in one day! First we see an old man just riding along on the side of the road, not in a lane at all. Next the girl next to us at the game kept a toy frog on her hand the whole game- and continued to take pictures with it... which we we're conveniently in the background. And don't even get me started on all the GA Tech fraties... What a day!}
We forgot how long of a drive it is from Birmingham to Atlanta. In the words of Matthew... "We won't be doing that again for a while!" But it was all super fun, so great to be able to spend all day with my hubby!