Monday, September 24, 2012

26 Weeks.

Oh my goodness... isn't Cameron getting huge :) I officially feel pregnant, if I didn't before! Matthew never fails to point out that our hugs just aren't the same with big ole Cameron between us :)

How far along? 26 weeks! If on schedule, he is almost a whole 2 pounds! 

Total weight gain? Pretty constant from last week, around 12 pounds!

Maternity clothes? YES please. Still can get a way with a few regular tops and dresses but I've been trying to seek out some good deals. 

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep? Really no change. Doing pretty good. Waking up once a night to use the restroom!

Best moment last week? Finding a few good deals {and skinny jeans!} on some maternity clothes! Feeling pregnant. It's a good feeling :)

Movement?  Yes yes. His kicks are getting harder and harder. I tell people he kicks around sometime after lunch and then when I'm getting in bed most. They say, "oh, so when you want to go to sleep." Yes, but that doesn't keep me awake-- don't you worry!!

Food cravings? Baked Lays. I've never really enjoyed baked chips that much. But these past two weeks they have been satisfying my salty cravings!! I also would love to eat cereal for every meal! I don't care what kind, just cereal! 

Gender? sweet baby boy :)

Labor signs? Still a few braxton hicks here and there!

Belly button in/out? In, getting closer and closer as I type!!

Missing? Nothing I can think of.

Looking forward to? Hopefully getting the crib, changing dresser, and rocker reallllllly soon! Going to my SIL's baby shower on Sunday!

Milestones? Feeling pregnant. haha. That's all I got this week!

{See what I mean about looking and feeling quite pregnant!!}

Monday, September 17, 2012

25 Weeks.

{it's a pj kinda night}

How far along? 25 WEEKS!

Total weight gain? approx. 12 pounds

Maternity clothes? Umm yes. Although I was able to wear one of my regular dresses to the Auburn game this past weekend :) Pretty much my favorite thing is to put on my a tank top and pj pants and just lounge at home!

Stretch marks? No, not yet. So thankful :)

Sleep? Sleeping pretty good. I've been staying up a little later so by the time I get into bed I'm dead tired- which is good, so I sleep hard!! I probably only get out of bed every other night or so.

Best moment last week? Cameron got to "go" to his first AU game! It was fun, but veryy hot. We both survived and Auburn finally won!! I also stopped by a consignment sale on Friday during my lunch. I only got one thing but it's still fun for people to ask you when your baby is due etc etc. (I had a bad moment last week too: Thursday afternoon at work I got really tired and just pretty much felt miserable. It's like it started with a headache and then moved through my body and I just felt horrible. I ended up going to sleep by 9:30 so that knocked it out thankfully- what a relief!)

Movement? YES YES. All the time... well, on a cycle.  But when he wants to remind me he is there, I know!! Wild man!

Food cravings? Nothing specific. Salty foods are good. I'm trying to watch my junk food eating. Eating fruit for a snack instead!

Gender? Sweet baby boy, Cameron.

Labor signs? I've noticed some Braxton Hicks a little bit. No worries... I cleared it with Katherine that it's completely normal. Nothing painful, my stomach just gets very hard!

Belly button in/out? Still in, amazingly. It seemed to be getting closer and closer, but now I feel like I'm not as close! Ha! We shall seeeee.

Missing? Nothing really... it's fun to be pregnant! I walked around Jordan Hare proud :)

Looking forward to? Another fun weekend in AU. Just being one week closer to our baby boy!

Milestones? This is such a hard question for these chill weeks. Ha! But Katherine informed me that Week 24 was the week where if Cameron was born he could survive (with lots of help!). But still very nice to have that little comfort that if something did happen it would hopefully still all work out. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finally, War Eagle.

Welllll, we finally got to win a game... to LA Monroe. And it was a close game. Ha! It's going to be quite the long season. But, we were happy to have our sweet friends, The Brown's, come and cheer Auburn to a W. 

It was an early game and a hotttt game. I barely survived :) I had to get a bottle of water and a frozen lemonade to keep me hydrated and functioning. Can you believe they charge $5 for one of those frozen lemonades?! That's crazy talk. I'm almost positive it went up a dollar.

Paul and Anna were such troopers and put up with me and Matthew and our crazy Auburn love- which includes crazy yelling at bad calls/mistakes and crazy celebration when anything good happens. I was happy to have her there for me to chat with when our guys we're sucking.

And as for me and Matthew we were quite happy to be back into our favorite place watching our favorite team :) It's fun for us to think about taking Cameron to a game next year and starting that tradition. We will be back next weekend to watch what we are sure will be a beating by LSU. It doesn't matter though, come on... yall all know. We will always LOVE our tigers- through it all.

Monday, September 10, 2012

24 Weeks.

Cameron is the size of an ear of corn! He tastes a lot of what I eat through the amniotic fluid! Trying to eat "healthy" for our little guy!!

How far along? 24 weeks!!

Total weight gain? I think we are at a solid 10 pounds! Eck!!!

Maternity clothes? Love them, hate them. So comfortable but I don't want to spend money on them! And it's hard to find super cute ones!!

Stretch marks? I've checked real good and haven't seen anything! 

Sleep? I think its improving. I'm used to getting up at night now, so progress is progress. ha!

Best moment last week? Went to the doctor on Friday! It was literally the quickest doctors appointment I have ever had!! My appointment was at 9:30, I was at the check out counter at 9:45! Cameron's heartbeat was perfect, so nice and comforting to hear it {seems like its been forever!!}. 

Movement? YES. I love it more and more everyday! Some are getting harder and sharper, but I don't mind for the moment! 

Food cravings? Basically anything out to eat. We're doing a strict food budget so eating at home is a must... so OF COURSE all I want is something out to eat! No worries, I will survive!! And I'm sure Cameron will be more healthy because of it!

Gender? BOY!

Labor signs? Not any at all!

Belly button in/out? In!

Missing? Nothing!!

Looking forward to? Meeting my Cameron, even though that is quite a long while away! Hopefully getting our nursery furniture in the next few weeks!!

Milestones? Not really a milestone... but we went and registered this past weekend. Talk about overwhelming. I have no clue of what we picked out. I love our stroller and pack n play, though. But the little things... Umm, lets just say me and Katherine are going to go do some editing when we are both in Auburn in a few weeks!!

*And just a funny update. Yesterday I went a little hard on the "sugared" drinks. I typically only drink something besides water one meal a day. Welllllll, yesterday I had a lot a lot a lot of sugary drinks. Cameron really liked them I think. He was kicking me VERY hard all day!! Nice to enjoy him being there though! Me and Matthew lovingly referred to him as MonsterCamTron all day :)

Let's Talk Babies {link up}.

I decided to do a link up again! This is with one of my favorite blogs, From Mrs. to Mama! She's a great momma and has the cutest little girl and just happens to be due with a baby boy right after me! It's fun to keep up with other pregnant ladies!
Andddd, the link up just happens to be about babies... oh, that's on my mind like

1. Tell us your favorite baby names? Aside from your own babies, if you have some.
I'm currently quite obsessed with boy names. 
I love the names Parker and Carter. And I love Rylin for a girl. 

2. Show me your "dream" nursery.
I like simple and sweet. Ideally these would have white furniture. I'm currently working on creating my own "dream nursery." I doubt what my mind wants is attainable {pretty things are expensive!!}.

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?
I want a big family- lots of noise and lots of love! Four or five children would be ideal... 
but let's talk again after I get through number one!

4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is.
Is this even possible to answer? It's of complete importance. 
Your children are going to look to you for everything initially- what they believe, like and want... not to mention how they will act. And I know for sure that my own example is not what I want my children to mirror, thankfully we have a God who can guide and help us!

5. Show us your favorite newborn photo.
Precious. Hubby and baby- YES please!

6. Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent.
That's a hard one. We say we don't want our little ones playing on our phones. 
It's silly, but seems important to me.

So, there's a little baby insight for you. I can't wait for our sweet Cameron to get here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

23 Weeks.

Cameron is the size of a grapefruit... weighing about one whole pound!!

How far along? twenty three!
Total weight gain? Still maybe around 6-7 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Finally went shopping and found that the Old Navy in Huntsville actually had their maternity clothes in store! Got a few things! Mom picked a few things up for me from Motherhood Maternity! Still feel very unprepared for life, but I'm making it!
Stretch marks? None!
Sleep? It's been rough the past few nights! Last night I literally woke up every 2 hours (early baby prep??) I think when I'm actually sleeping, I'm getting some good sleep!
Best moment last week? Being in Huntsville for the long weekend and enjoying the family and also buying some things for me and Cameron!
Movement? Oh yes, the past few nights he has been quite violent when I laid down in bed! I love it though!!
Food cravings? We are back to the "anything sweet" phase :/
Gender? Baby BOY!
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? Still in, but everytime I check on it, it looks closer and closer to creeping out!
Missing? Being comfy all the time. Now either my body hurts or my clothes are annoying! haha
Looking forward to? Doctor visit on Friday morning! (I feel like I haven't been in forever!!) Chill weekend here with hubby!
Milestones? KInd of figuring out Cameron's schedule! He usually kicks every afternoon and then right when I'm hopping in bed! 

{It was so great to go home! :) Elizabeth and Heather are going to love Cameron soooo much!!} 

22 Weeks.

Cameron is the size of a papaya, almost weighing one pound!!

How far along? 22 weeks already?! Wowzers!!
Total weight gain? 6-7 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Still doing some normal shirts but preferring dresses most of the time.
Stretch marks? Nothing that I've noticed.
Sleep? Better! Me and Matthew switched sides of the bed and I think we are both much more happy! Now it's slightly easier for me to try and sleep on my left side (I always end up on my back!) Getting up once to use the restroom!
Best moment last week? Getting our fabric swatches in and continuing to look for nursery decor!
Movement? Yes, he loves to give me some love kicks every afternoon! And daddy gets to feel him at night!
Food cravings? Watermelon!! 
Gender? Boy... still sooo strange to think about it!
Labor signs? Zero.
Belly button in/out? In, but I'm sure it should be popping out soon!
Missing? Shopping for cute normal clothes!!
Looking forward to? Going to Madison this weekend! Can't wait to work on a few little projects for Cameron's nursery! (AND Auburn Football! Cameron is SO excited about that!!)
Milestones? Sleeping success?? haha