Monday, September 17, 2012

25 Weeks.

{it's a pj kinda night}

How far along? 25 WEEKS!

Total weight gain? approx. 12 pounds

Maternity clothes? Umm yes. Although I was able to wear one of my regular dresses to the Auburn game this past weekend :) Pretty much my favorite thing is to put on my a tank top and pj pants and just lounge at home!

Stretch marks? No, not yet. So thankful :)

Sleep? Sleeping pretty good. I've been staying up a little later so by the time I get into bed I'm dead tired- which is good, so I sleep hard!! I probably only get out of bed every other night or so.

Best moment last week? Cameron got to "go" to his first AU game! It was fun, but veryy hot. We both survived and Auburn finally won!! I also stopped by a consignment sale on Friday during my lunch. I only got one thing but it's still fun for people to ask you when your baby is due etc etc. (I had a bad moment last week too: Thursday afternoon at work I got really tired and just pretty much felt miserable. It's like it started with a headache and then moved through my body and I just felt horrible. I ended up going to sleep by 9:30 so that knocked it out thankfully- what a relief!)

Movement? YES YES. All the time... well, on a cycle.  But when he wants to remind me he is there, I know!! Wild man!

Food cravings? Nothing specific. Salty foods are good. I'm trying to watch my junk food eating. Eating fruit for a snack instead!

Gender? Sweet baby boy, Cameron.

Labor signs? I've noticed some Braxton Hicks a little bit. No worries... I cleared it with Katherine that it's completely normal. Nothing painful, my stomach just gets very hard!

Belly button in/out? Still in, amazingly. It seemed to be getting closer and closer, but now I feel like I'm not as close! Ha! We shall seeeee.

Missing? Nothing really... it's fun to be pregnant! I walked around Jordan Hare proud :)

Looking forward to? Another fun weekend in AU. Just being one week closer to our baby boy!

Milestones? This is such a hard question for these chill weeks. Ha! But Katherine informed me that Week 24 was the week where if Cameron was born he could survive (with lots of help!). But still very nice to have that little comfort that if something did happen it would hopefully still all work out. 

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