Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#2: It's a...

On January 2nd me and Matthew headed to the doctor's office for our gender ultrasound. It really seemed that time passed so quickly and I couldn't believe I was already past the 20 week mark!

So without further a do:
Big Brother Cameron is happy to announce BABY #2 is a...


We are so very thrilled to be welcoming a sweet baby girl, Rylin Elaine Watford, into our lives come May! Big bro Cam is pretty pumped as well, or he at least enjoyed the confetti!  

So here she is. A sweet baby foot and a pretty little profile! 

I do feel very overwhelmed at the thought of having a little girl! It's a whole new world with the pink, bows, and dresses! Matthew is a little frightened that I'm going to start shopping like crazy! So far so good, just looking for super good deals and passing on the rest! It's definitely true that the cute, boutique girl clothes are much easier to find at great prices than the boy's stuff! Excited for A LOT of smocked outfits with matching bows! :)

We went ahead and texted family and a few close friends that day with the pictures of Cam but waited to post on social media till the next day because a sweet friend that works out with me offered to make gender reveal cupcakes for our Stroller Strides group! It was fun to get to reveal that with some sweet ladies and not to mention quite tasty for this pregnant lady too!

So there it is. Absolutely can't wait for Rylin to make her arrival in May!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Favorite 10 of 2013.

I know I say this every year I post a favorite 10... but really, what a blessed, blessed year it has been. The Lord has been good and is so faithful in all that we do and accomplish! Thankful for that!!

#10. Roadtrip to Ohio.
We had such a fun time heading up to Columbus, Ohio in July for Freddy and Leah's wedding! Matthew was a groomsmen and gave us a great excuse to go! We literally had not been anywhere just the three of us so we jumped at the chance for a little family vacay!

#9. The Last Roll at Toomer's Corner.
Back in April we headed to Auburn to see our new coach and tigers play in the annual A-day game! We just thought this year might be something special ;) Well of course we attended the Last Roll at Toomer's Corner after the game! It was the last time the Auburn family gathered to roll the actual Toomer's trees before they removed them. {They now have AU's and wires hanging from the light poles at Toomer's that they roll now.}

#8. Being a family of three.
Oh what a new experience this has been! It's truly been a blessing to experience life as a family of three. I'm so in love with my two guys and all they bring to my life.

#7. First Mother's Day.
On May 12th I got to experience my first Mother's Day! It made it even more special because it was also the day of "Baby dedication" at Shades! It was such a blessing to be prayed over as parents on this special day! I look forward to the days of homemade crafts in the future :)

#6. Thaxton Family Beach Vacation.
We had a great trip down to Fort Morgan with the Thaxton crew at the end of June through the beginning of July! While we were there we got to celebrate Gigi's 50th birthday and just soak up some family time! Although vacations are way different now having a little one, it was still super fun! 

#5. Move to Nashville/Matthew's new job.
Late July Matthew interviewed in Nashville, TN with Parallon and was offered the job a few days later. They needed him quick so within the next two weeks we had packed up in Birmingham and landed in Nashville for a new life. Matthew loves his new job and is thriving there and we are still continuing to adjust to this Tennessee life. In all things we are thankful for the Lord's hand being in each and every detail!

#4. Auburn football.
We continue to love our Auburn Tigers! It's been a different fall this year since we were closer to 6 hours from the Loveliest Village rather than the quick 2 hour drive we enjoyed last fall. Even so we managed to make it two several games and enjoy the season! We were thrilled to share this with our CamMan. We were absolutely thrilled with our awesome turn-around season we had! Going from 3-9 one year to 12-1 and playing in the National Championship game was pretty amazing! War Eagle!

#3. Second Anniversary.
Can you believe it has already been two years (now 2 1/2) that me and my man have been married. It seems like so long but also like no time at all. I absolutely love doing life with Matthew. He makes me laugh, keeps me grounded, and supports me in all I do. He has been an awesome dad too! Can't believe we will hit three years in 2014. Can't wait!!

#2. Cameron's First Birthday.
On December 26th we got to celebrate our little boy's first birthday. It blows us away that he is one already! Can't believe he has grown and changed so much in this past year! So thankful for our Cam-Tron!

#1. Baby Number Two.
Back at the beginning of September we found out that we are expecting our sweet baby #2. We couldn't be more excited to have another little join our family. It's going to be so fun to have little siblings and see them grow up together! May 18th can't come soon enough!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cameron's First Birthday.

{Be prepared for a lot of pictures in this post!}

The day after Christmas, December 26th, on Cameron's first birthday we woke up ready to celebrate at the Watford's house!! Unfortunately our little Cam woke up quite a bit under the weather! We could just tell he wasn't his usual self :( 
When we woke up we played for a bit till everyone woke up and we gave Cameron a donut for breakfast. He wasn't sure about the candle but was definitely loving the donut! After breakfast we opened a card from Uncle Michael and Aunt Stacy and then the CamMan was ready for a nap!

After nap it was time to get up and get ready for the day! We got the CamMan up and got his bday outfit on and we were ready to meet April, Dustin and Emmaline for lunch at Momma G's!

After a yummy lunch we loaded up and headed towards Huntsville for more celebration and also our late Christmas with the Thaxton's. We ate at our regular favorite of Rosie's and Cam thought it was as delicious as a sick boy could! He did enjoy his cinnamon dessert though... and we enjoyed helping him eat it! After dinner we went back to Pappy and Gigi's and took some pictures!

Wade, Amy and Tatum went ahead and gave Cam part of his bday gift! A fun John Deere tractor toy and a sweet Kelly's Kids outfit! Thanks guys!!

Thankfully his birthday party was not until Sunday the 29th, so by then our little man was feeling a little better but still not quite himself! Before he was even born I was sure we would have a Robot themed first birthday since I sometimes call him Cam-Tron! I had a blast thinking/searching for all the details I wanted to incorporate into the decor and food! I made most of the decor and amazingly it turned out just as I imagined it in my head!

We are so proud to have made it through our first year with our little guy! Our happy little family:

We are so thankful for all of our family who came to celebrate with us! Cameron just doesn't know how loved he is!

Gigi got Cameron's crown for him and Cece got him his longall! Such great grandmothers!!

Cameron was also very very blessed with so many fun and great gifts!! He's one happy kiddo!

And for the moment you have all been waiting for... THE SMASH CAKE! Cam definitely took his time and slowly but surely dug in to the icing and goodness! After a few tastes he was all about it though! It was so cute to have a few of the cousins sneak a taste of icing while he was digging in!

I thought it all went smooth and was a lot of fun! We really appreciate all of you that came- it made it that much more special! Cam may not remember, but me and Matthew sure will!!
Can't believe our baby boy is ONE... So thankful for such a wonderful first year!