Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#2: It's a...

On January 2nd me and Matthew headed to the doctor's office for our gender ultrasound. It really seemed that time passed so quickly and I couldn't believe I was already past the 20 week mark!

So without further a do:
Big Brother Cameron is happy to announce BABY #2 is a...


We are so very thrilled to be welcoming a sweet baby girl, Rylin Elaine Watford, into our lives come May! Big bro Cam is pretty pumped as well, or he at least enjoyed the confetti!  

So here she is. A sweet baby foot and a pretty little profile! 

I do feel very overwhelmed at the thought of having a little girl! It's a whole new world with the pink, bows, and dresses! Matthew is a little frightened that I'm going to start shopping like crazy! So far so good, just looking for super good deals and passing on the rest! It's definitely true that the cute, boutique girl clothes are much easier to find at great prices than the boy's stuff! Excited for A LOT of smocked outfits with matching bows! :)

We went ahead and texted family and a few close friends that day with the pictures of Cam but waited to post on social media till the next day because a sweet friend that works out with me offered to make gender reveal cupcakes for our Stroller Strides group! It was fun to get to reveal that with some sweet ladies and not to mention quite tasty for this pregnant lady too!

So there it is. Absolutely can't wait for Rylin to make her arrival in May!!!


  1. Aww I have been waiting for this post since I'm not on FB!!
    Love the name Rylin, Cam doesn't look like he knows what he'll be getting into!! haha
    Enjoy buying lots of pink things:) So excited for yall!

    1. Thanks Morgan!!
      We are pretty excited! And I've already bought too much :) haha!
      Hope you and your hubby are doing well!