Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite 10 of 2011.

#10. Our Martin family beach trip in June. It was so great to have everyone come and go and spend some time together after a busy spring!
#9. Starting my job at Pinnacle Bank. What a blessing it's been to actually have a job that I enjoy.
#8. All the fun of the pre wedding festivities! Showers, bachelorette weekend, and Bridesmaids luncheon! It was a wonderful wonderful time that made me feel so blessed!
#7. Our family continues to grow! This year Matthew joined in, also we enjoyed Tatum's first birthday party and finding out that Blake and Katherine are expecting a little one in June!
#6. Our big move to Birmingham! We loved beginning a new phase of our life!
#5. On August 6th our Auburn family went full circle. Matthew graduated in the college of business with his accounting degree! I'm so proud and happy to have us done with our college years!
#4. In July we went on the Disney Dream a part of the Disney Cruise line. Nan and Daddy Butch took the whole Palmer clan in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary! We stopped in the Bahamas and Castaway Cay (Disney's own private island)! It was a blast!!
#3. For our honeymoon we went to Hawaii! It was the trip of a lifetime to say the least. We soaked up the wonderful weather, cuisine, and beautiful scenery! We enjoyed hiking Diamond Head, laying out in Waikiki beach, going to the Dole Pineapple Plantation, and visiting Pearl Harbor (and thats just a few highlights!).

#2. Auburn becoming the National Champions! On January 10th we gathered around Mammaw's tv to watch Auburn defeat the Oregon Ducks! Soon after we all headed to Toomer's Corner to celebrate with all of our Auburn family. It was madness downtown with so many happy people! War Eagle!

#1. Becoming Mrs. Matthew Ryan Watford on May 7th! It was a wonderful day that we were so blessed to celebrate with our family and friends.

It's been a wonderful year full of happy, happy times and so many blessings! We have been so completely blessed in the love and wisdom that the Lord has poured out to our life and family! We are beyond excited to see what He has in store for us as we head into 2012!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas #2.

We left Auburn on Christmas Eve and headed to Birmingham. We spent some time catching up at the Watford's house then headed to the Palmers!
We had Christmas Eve dinner, the Christmas story, and presents! We play dirty santa with the older girls and then the older boys. I stole an infinity scarf and bracelets from Meredith which retired with my ownership. I love it!

After we headed to the Watford's to do presents. It was the year of boots:
Me, Mere, and Mace got boots... and Mike got two pair of boots. I LOVE them and am so excited to have my first pair of real cowboy boots. I also got an adorable picture frame and scarf. Later we played MadGab and the girls dominated on the boys! It was a blast!

Me and Matthew went home to sleep in our own bed! And woke up before church to do our own little Christmas! Matthew got me a great Francesca's dress and a tripod for my camera! I got him an office calendar and tickets for an Atlanta Hawks basketball game!
We went to church after and then to the Watfords for lunch with the family! Later a few of us headed to the movie theater to watch Tin Tin... definitely not my favorite movie, but fun none the less!
SO, Christmas number two is complete and next week we'll head to Huntsville to finish it all up!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas #1.

Being married makes for a year with multiple Christmas'...

Round one was us heading out from Birmingham after work on Thursday and going to Wetumpka to visit my great grandfather Pop! Then we went to Montgomery to see my Mimmie! Last stop was Auburn to spend some time with Dustin and April, Grandmother and Grandaddy, and some of the Thaxton clan.
We did a little shopping and enjoyed playing some games with the family. We had our "Christmas Eve" dinner and had some delicious beef and dumpling soup (and my favorite fresh green beans)! We did our presents from Mammaw and played some more games.
Then, odd enough we now are all watching the Auburn basketball team play against Long Beach State in Hawaii. Matthew was absolutely convinced that we should have planned to honeymoon there this time of year so we could go to the games. (haha!)

So, War Eagle and Merry Christmas from the Watford family!
(I'll be back with Round 2 and 3 at some point... and the long awaited top 10 of 2011!)