Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pop's 95th birthday.

Last Friday some of the family met up in Wetumpka for my great grandad, Pop's 95th birthday celebration! It was so fun to get to see some of the family that we don't usually get to see! It was also Cameron's first time to meet Pop! {Unfortunately Grandaddy was in China at the moment for Allen's graduation and mom was in Madison taking care of Tatum so we couldn't take a 4 generations picture}

But it was so great having Blake, Katherine & Caroline and Grandmother there!
 Caroline and Cameron were so cute together! {We CANNOT wait for our beach trip with the fam}

 All of the family at the party! So nice to see all these people and introduce Cameron to them!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! Hope you're day was super special :)

Auburn baseball.

Last week we had a little family outing to go see our favorite Tigers play! The SEC tournament for baseball is held at the Hoover Met every year! So since we were playing Alabama and I've been dying to take Cam to anything Auburn we headed to Hoover around lunch. Matthew took a half day and we soaked up some family fun!

Cameron was adorable in his little Aubie onesie. It was hot but we all survived thanks to a wonderfully shaded section of seats! 

He was such a trooper the whole game! He loved all the people watching! He even took a nap on me for awhile!

We love our Auburn Tigers :) We may have lost but it was still a fun day. War Eagle!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Strawberry picking.

On Wednesday me and Cameron loaded up nice and early and headed to Huntsville. 
{Matthew is taking a May-mester class at UAB and is in class everyday from 5:30 to 8 pm. So we thought it would be fun to take a quick trip to Huntsville since he is quite busy!}
Wellllll, the reason we left so early was so we could get there in time to go pick strawberries before Tatum's nap time!
It was so fun and hot! {I bought the Baby Bjorne carrier second hand just for this occasion. As many of you know I'm not a big fan of the baby wearing craze. Although I do see the convenience of it, it's just not something I'm too interested in. I will say that in some circumstances it is great. Ya know, like when a stroller would totally be ridiculous!}

Anyways, we loaded up on some strawberries. And boy were they delicious. I think I may have eaten more than I picked. They are just too yummy. {I used to not like strawberries, so glad my taste buds have changed!}

Love my family. Mom and Liz are great, and so helpful with Cameron- especially on outings like this! And Tatum is just a hoot! She loved the strawberry picking. She loves fruit! This is the first time in a while that it didn't take her forever to warm up to me! Made it really fun!!

And just for a bonus: Pappy loving on Tatum and Cameron.

Dedication Sunday.

One thing that made my Mother's day extra special was that we had our Parent/Child Dedication at Shades for Cameron! It was a time for me and Matthew to be presented to the church to dedicate ourselves to bringing up Cameron to know and love the Lord. It also is a time for the church body to pray over us as parents! It is such a huge blessing to us to know that a lot of people are praying over us!

Of course after we took plenty of pictures. We are so thankful for a wonderful family to support us as we raise Cameron!

{Cameron was able to wear one of Matthew's bubbles for dedication, how special!!}

After we went to the Watford's for a Mother's day lunch and Cameron got a few fun dedication gifts :)

Thank you to everyone who came and everyone that is praying for us. We know that raising up our child to love and serve the Lord is a tall order but we strive to do so, and bring all glory to Him. We are excited to continue to see Cameron's personality come out and recognize how we should direct him to use his skills and gifts to honor the Lord. Please pray for wisdom for me and Matthew!

Mother's Day.

Last Sunday I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day :)

I am just so happy and blessed to be a mommy and have the best mother and mother in law in the world.

Matthew and Cameron got me the cutest card!

To celebrate the day we went to church and had our parent/child dedication. After we had lunch at the Watford's house with a lot of family! In the afternoon we just hung with mom, dad, and Liz and had dinner at the Cajun Steamer! {Plus mom, dad, and Liz came into town on Saturday afternoon so we got to spend the evening in Homewood going to Jackson's and Steel City Pops! Love when they are in town!}

Becoming a mommy has been one of the craziest, most wonderful things that has ever happened to me! I am beyond blessed to have my Cameron to love on and raise!

Two Years.

Last week me and Matthew celebrated our two year anniversary!

Our life has changed significantly in the past year!
We really can't believe two years have flown by. But its true, we have been having so much fun!
At Paige and Eric's wedding reception!
Thaxton family beach trip! 

Meeting sweet baby Caroline!
Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel!
On the Sea of Galilee!
Finding out we were having a boy! Cameron!
At Robyn and Greg's wedding reception!
Surprise family shower for baby Cameron in Auburn!
Thanksgiving in Nashville, TN with the Watford family!
A Sunday School shower for baby Cameron!
Celebrating Christmas in our apartment with the Thaxton family!

Waiting for our Cameron to arrive. Our last picture as a family of two!
Meeting our Cameron!
Started working out and getting fit!
Aday game in Auburn!
At "the last roll" for Toomer's Corner!
Our Anniversary date!
I'm truly so blessed to get to call Matthew my husband. He is my everything. So thankful for his love, encouragement, and leadership. This year has been especially wonderful to see him transform into a great, caring dad! He is the best!!!