Friday, May 17, 2013

Two Years.

Last week me and Matthew celebrated our two year anniversary!

Our life has changed significantly in the past year!
We really can't believe two years have flown by. But its true, we have been having so much fun!
At Paige and Eric's wedding reception!
Thaxton family beach trip! 

Meeting sweet baby Caroline!
Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel!
On the Sea of Galilee!
Finding out we were having a boy! Cameron!
At Robyn and Greg's wedding reception!
Surprise family shower for baby Cameron in Auburn!
Thanksgiving in Nashville, TN with the Watford family!
A Sunday School shower for baby Cameron!
Celebrating Christmas in our apartment with the Thaxton family!

Waiting for our Cameron to arrive. Our last picture as a family of two!
Meeting our Cameron!
Started working out and getting fit!
Aday game in Auburn!
At "the last roll" for Toomer's Corner!
Our Anniversary date!
I'm truly so blessed to get to call Matthew my husband. He is my everything. So thankful for his love, encouragement, and leadership. This year has been especially wonderful to see him transform into a great, caring dad! He is the best!!!

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