Sunday, October 24, 2010


So I have been a complete blog failure here lately. Pathetic, pathetic!! I feel like I've been oh so completely busy. I thought after graduating, life would get slower... nope it hasn't.

Anyways, I feel like there is completely too much to catch you up on... but I did want to share this:

Me and Katherine made this for Elizabeth's birthday. It was my first time to ever use fondant, it was pretty fun and turned out GREAT (if I do say so myself!)

Also, AUBURN IS 8-0!!! And let me just tell you, we have been having a ball!! Most of the games are pretty nerve-racking but atleast that keeps it interesting!! All I got to say is: CAM for Heisman!!

And lastly on a wedding update... I bought my dress :) That was big time news a few weeks back! Hopefully this next weekend I will get a lot done (more updates to come!!) since I'm heading home... for TATUM!! Yes, I'm an aunt! Wade and Amy had their baby last Monday and I can't wait to meet her!!
She's perfect :)

On that note:
I am blessed.
I was reminded this week about how blessed I am in my life. The first reminder was when someone asked about about when I got my car. I told her the story and about how I cried, and it just hit me how big of a deal it is. I saw a news segment this morning about a girl in China who is the first person in her family to ever get a car. Wow, I've already had two. This is just one thing that reminded me of it. Also, Tatum... what a blessing! So I was pleasantly surprised when Brother Al preached on it this morning. Love how my God works :) And I could go on and on.
We are blessed to be a blessing.