Monday, February 16, 2015

Rylin: Nine months.

Stats: 16 lbs 11 oz (5-10%), 27 inches (25%)
Size 2 diapers and 9 months clothes.

Firsts: First formula bottle (took it like a champ!), first time spending the night away from mom & dad (with pops & cece!), first chicken nugget! 

Milestones: Clapping, sat up in your crib (just once!), and you pulled up on the coffee table by yourself.

Food: Nursing 4-5 times a day and eating 3 solid meals. By the end of the month you started LOVING finger foods rather than baby foods. So I've been trying to get a good mix of both right now. Keep on not being picky little missy!

Sleep: You are finally starting to (what I call) sleep through the night! You are usually going to sleep at 7 and I don't feed you again till around 6:45 or 7... now that doesn't mean you don't cry out or cry... but you are pretty good at handling all that business on your own. :) So thankful for that! You are taking a nap around 10 and then another one around 2. You typically take two hours each time... but when you have a cold or anything you can't sleep well. It's rough! 

Our days: Pretty much the same as last month! Just love watching you get more and more independent! 

Favorites: Mommy loves seeing you and your brother play! Daddy loves watching you stand up to play, like at the train table! 

Little missy, we are so in love with your sweet smile and wonderful giggles... this past month you are just wanting to walk and go and play and do.. which is hard for a 9 month old that can't crawl or walk! ha! You are discontent you just really really like to be in the action. We are excited for your next milestones and seeing you get mobile and get in the action! We love you sweets! 

Rylin: Eight months.

Stats: No official stats.
Size 2 diapers and mostly 9 months clothes.

Firsts: First Christmas and Christmas celebrations (workout friends party and family dinner at our house!), first time going to visit our Mimmie in Montgomery, first time celebrating Cameron's birthday, first big girl birthday parties (Avery and Madeline!)

Milestones: Nothing significant I can recall... just figuring things out!

Food: Nursing about every 4 hours and eating 3 "meals" consistently. I tried so hard to not do all three until you were 9 months but you are just such a hungry monster I just had to give in! Started giving you some puffs and some soft veggies cut real small! You love it! 

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, can't really complain. You typically sleep from 7-5 at night and I feed you and lay you back down and you sleep till around 7 or 7:30. You nap again around 9:30 for about two hours and then I typically try to keep you up till 2 for your afternoon nap. That nap is very random on length... so ready for you to consistently take a longer afternoon nap! :) Very thankful for most of your sleeping habits though! 

Our days: We typically just spend time playing or run errands in the morning, eat lunch around noon and start winding down for naptime after that. By the time you and Cameron are up we are getting ready for daddy to get home for work! We play some more before and after dinner. Lots of chill fun happening around here! 

Favorites: Mommy and daddy love that you are starting to want to stand and work on cruising!