Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite 10 of 2010.

#10. Going to my first bowl game with my family and Matthew. We drove down to Tampa and celebrated the New Year with a win against Northwestern in the Outback Bowl.
#9. An unexpected snow day in Auburn, AL in February. We got to enjoy the beauty of our wonderful campus covered in white.
#8. Going to Banner Elk, NC for a family vacation and some skiing. We got to enjoy being with almost all of our family for a week of sledding, shopping, sleeping, skiing, and playing games.
#7. Our California trip in July with just mom and dad and their two girls. We enjoyed relaxing and doing ALL the typical touristy things in Cali.
#6. My biggest surprise of the year. Mom and dad surprised me with a new car in April. It caught me completely off guard and I was so thankful.
#5. The year of weddings. One of our favorites is probably Matthew's sister Meaghans in April to Brandon Odom. We also enjoyed celebrating with BJ & Kacey, Michael and ML, Kyle & Lauren, and Ryan & Aubrey.
#4. Graduating from the finest university around, and in 3 years at that. War Eagle!
#3. Becoming an aunt. My cute little niece entered the world on Oct. 18th and our lives will never be the same.
#2. Auburn going undefeated! There's nothing like celebrating week after week for a team that proved to be unbeatable. Watching Cam Newton play and win the Heisman is something I won't ever forget. Finished off the year with a trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship where we dominated South Carolina. Hoping for one more sweet victory on January 10th (Beat the ducks!!)
#1. On May 27th the love of my life asked me to be his wife! It was so great to celebrate this exciting time with his family on a beach trip and then in Huntsville with mine.

2010 was an unbelievable year. But the thing that makes this New Year's even more wonderful is knowing what great things I have to look forward to in 2011. On the very top of my list is MAY 7th, I get to marry my best friend! After that comes our honeymoon to Hawaii, our Disney Cruise with Matthews family, and a beach trip with mine. I can't even describe to you how blessed we (me and Matthew) are. I'm so incredibly thankful for another year to serve my Savior and enjoy His blessings.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Banner Elk, NC.

Our family ski trip has begun :) It started today after Christmas at 8 am. Whew, at first it was so fun and thrilling to ride on the interstate and see the beautiful snow scenes out the window.
That was our wonderful winter wonderland to drive through from Auburn all the way to North Carolina!
When we finally got close to Banner Elk it was starting to get dark and super snowy... Eck! What a mess. Me, Elizabeth, Katherine, Matthew, and Blake were all following Mom and Dad and we just had to watch them slipping and sliding all the way up. But don't worry... we made it safe and sound. And after enjoying a frozen pizza with Grandmother and Grandaddy we just relaxed around the cabin. Now awaiting the arrival of the rest of the family over the next few days!

(please notice how deep that snow is!)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.

Welcome to my best Christmas yet :)

I'm so blessed.
Christmas Eve with the Watford/Palmer group and today spending it with the Thaxtons. And tomorrow we are off to North Carolina with the Martins!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Day seven.

"Favorite movies"

My absolute favorite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice. People think I am nuts, but I love to watch it with subtitles on. It already is a super humorous movie but when you see all the extra stuff you can't even hear it makes it great!

Matthew surprised me on our first Valentines by sneaking it out of my house and having us watch it at our "stay in" date. He even let me watch it with subtitles ♥

My other top movies are Step Up (1&2), Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and the Italian Job... just to mention a few.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day six.

"A picture of something that makes you happy"

Well because I love taking pictures and documenting my life... this day of the challenge challenged me. But then I thought of the perfect picture we just took yesterday:

Yes! Me and Matthew got to go to the SEC Championship in Atlanta! It was awesome! We dominated South Carolina by like a billion (56-17!) And now Auburn is off to the National Championship in Glendale, Arizona in January! Cam has a little detour on the way there to New York next weekend for the Heisman Trophy presentation! We hope he will bringing it back to AU! So WARRRRR EAGLE!