Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recipes and life.

I've been trying to do my wifely duties lately and COOK. It comes a lot easier to me to bake rather than cook, so tons of desserts are flying out of my kitchen :) I have come across a few other recipes that are tasty too, and I wanted to share!

The first one is Lemon-butter Chicken. (from Cuisine at Home)
All you need is:
4 boneless chicken breasts
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tbsp. minced lemon zest
1 tbsp. minced fresh parsley
3 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted

So here's the easy part... All you do is season the chicken with salt/pepper and grill it as you normally would. While the chicken is grilling, whisk together the remaining ingredients. Then add salt/pepper to butter mixture. Once the chicken is cooked brush the butter on. It's so simple and is so delish! Oh also... for leftovers I shredded the chicken up and put it, with the rice and broccoli leftovers in a pita- it was SO yummy :)

So my dessert recipe of course I got from Pinterest :)

Source: via Summer on Pinterest

It's a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie. Did you just die at the sound of it?! I thought it was pretty yummy but it's everyone else's reviews that has me blogging about it. The Thaxton's and the Watford's LOVED it. Like... I gave them a small piece and then was joked on for giving extremely too small of portions! You can find this yummy yummy recipe here! It's highly recommend :)

Now... on to the FUN news :) In just 9 short days we will be apartment leasers in Birmingham, Alabama! We had an awesome week of witnessing God's perfect timing this past week. Everything comes together on His terms. Last Monday Matthew got in contact with a family friend from his B'ham church about an entry level accounting job open with his company. They set up an interview for Wednesday afternoon. Matthew was off to B'ham on Wednesday ready to dominate in the interview. He returned later with "a good feeling" of how things went. Thursday night he received an email from the manager from the company... HE GOT THE JOB! By Friday night he had officially accepted the job and we were off to B'ham in search of an apartment! Saturday we searched high and low and finally found one with what we wanted at a price we could afford. God is so good. He has blessed us so much this past week, and even so much since we've been married.

We are excitingly looking forward to moving in officially on August 7th, the day after Matthew's graduation from Auburn University. I told you... God's perfect timing. As Matthew anticipates getting settled in with his new job, I look forward to setting up our first "on our own" home. As well as searching for a job in B'ham (not really excited about that part!)

At the Watford's house the fun has already begun... I'm already sorting through my stuff getting rid of the unnecessary items! We are so excited to be walking in God's plans and following where He leads.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinterest Menu board.

So I finally found a DIY project on Pinterest that I thought I just might be able to handle! I decided to make the dry erase menu board for our kitchen. Here's my inspiration:

So here's how mine went down:
I bought the frame from a thrift store, just making sure it had good glass, for about 3 dollars! I sanded it down to prep it for painting!

Next I took scrapbook paper and glued it to the cardboard back on the picture frame and trimmed it from there! It's nice you don't have to worry about the edges since they will be hidden behind the frame!

Next here comes the paint. I planned to spray paint it, but our weather has sucked. So I ended up just painting it black with some left over paint I had. Easy-peasy.

Next I used Robyn's awesome Cricut to cut out the letters. I had originally planned to put them on the glass (So I bought vinyl) But I decided it would be easier to put on the paper under the glass so when I erase I won't have to worry about the stickers! Sorry no pictures of the Cricut process. It was slightly difficult! (Obviously the easier option would be to just print the words on to your scrapbook paper, but I wanted to play with Robyn's toy!)

SO here's the finished project! I love it.. turned out just how I had hoped:

And in our kitchen:

And just for fun... We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day last week :) Love me some Chickfila

Friday, July 8, 2011

Disney Cruisin'

Welcome to the Disney Dream.

our beautiful ship!

So this past Christmas Matthew's grandparents surprised us with a Disney Cruise for the whole family. They had us all open up the booklet about it and we all flipped out. It was a complete miracle that we worked it out that everyone could fit it into their schedule at the same time. So we booked July 1st through 5th. So after long awaiting our wedding and Hawaii we were pretty good at being patient. But I must say, it was completely worth the wait :)

On Thursday the Watford's came through Auburn and picked us up... next 5 hours to Jacksonville. We had a great night of hanging out with Meaghan and Brandon (thanks for being such good hosts!) The next morning we were up early and ready to head to Cape Canaveral where we would ship off around 4 o'clock! Luckily we got all checked in and got to board around 12:30 :)

Goofy greeted us!

Right away we went straight for the food, YUM :) We got settled in our rooms, explored the ship, had a lovely dinner at The Enchanted Garden, and enjoyed the AWESOME show The Golden Mickey's! It was a GREAT first day!

With the girls before dinner!

Saturday we enjoyed a little shopping in the Bahamas and then fun stuff on the boat! We first waited in line for the AquaDuck a water roller coaster (the first ever on a cruise ship!) It was way to short but super fun (we took video on the coaster, please excuse our silly screams and exclamations! haha) Enjoyed some fun Goofy putt-putt and had another great dinner... this time at the Royal Palace! The show for the night was Villains Tonight! The shows were always a favorite for the day!

docked in the Bahamas, ready to shop!

we got to meet Lilo right before riding the AquaDuck!


after dinner with the family!

So come to find out I loved most of my pictures from the first half of the trip. Anyways the next day was spent at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay! We had fun relaxing on the beach, floating in the ocean, and enjoying yummy food! A rain shower sent us back to the ship early and we enjoyed some chill time (and lots of chicken fingers!! I couldn't get enough! haha!) Went to dinner at Animator's Palette and celebrated Pirate Night with fireworks, a show, and a dance party!

The last day was 4th of July and we spent it at sea and we enjoyed lounging on the boat all day! It was great, great, great! The whole trip was wonderful and I am incredibly blessed to be able to spend such great quality time with my NEW family :) Thanks Nan and Daddy Butch!