Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Favorite Five.

Getting back to a Friday post routine :)
And now some Friday happiness!

1. We had so much fun at Parker's first birthday party! It was Cameron's first birthday party to attend and we had a blast thinking about planning Cam's next December! I've already got plenty of ideas and may have started a "secret" Pinterest board!

2. Our little baby turned 2 months on Tuesday! Time is flying by and I can't believe that it is already March and our baby is so old. He's getting more and more attentive and fun every day! Loving every moment- even at 5 am!

3. Sweet boy got his first round of shots this week. It was super painful and sad to watch his pitiful self. So, the happy about this?! The compassion that I had for him just showed me just how much I truly love our little guy. I'm overflowing with love for my baby. That whole day I did whatever he wanted! He has my heart. {Please note what a chunker he looks like in that pic! Love it!}

4. This week is GIC at Shades. {Global Impact Celebration!} I love getting to show the missionaries our support and hearing their stories. It definitely revamps my enthhsiasim, which is needed in our crazy day to day life.

5. Double Chocolaty Chip Frap. Every once in a while a momma needs to treat herself. Thankfully I had a giftcard, which made it all the more sweet.

Good, good week.
Excited for the weekend!