Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh so thankful.

All I can think of as I sit here on my Mammaw's couch is how so thankful I am. Thankful for my loving husband sitting next to me, a silly brother, uncle and cousins to laugh with, and my wonderful aunt snoozing on the love seat. I can't help but smile! Not to mention the rest of my fabulous family I get to soak up some quality time with tomorrow!

I can't help but be pumped for tomorrow and all the yummy foods we get to be thankful for :)

I'm preparing a fun thankful game for tomorrow! Hope the fam enjoys it! I hope to update tomorrow with some of that fun stuff!! (I'm soaking up all of Mammaw's internet!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yes. Here we go again. We got rid of our cable and internet, again.

That is my excuse for being a horrible blogger.

Not much has changed since I last updated. Me and Matthew are just going through life as usual.

We did have the pleasure of going to Secret Church last Friday with Rusty and April at The Church of Brookhills. Let me be honest and tell you that I was not excited about going and sitting for 6 hours listening to teaching. Well, I was terribly wrong. It was wonderful! We didn't get out till 12:45am and we left excited about all we had learned. Also my girls bible study started last night with the girls from our sunday school class. We are going through the book Experiencing God and its great to hear and share our hearts. Its so great to finally get to know some girls here in Birmingham too! What a blessing it is for God to affirm us joining Shades and getting involved.

Work has been going nice and steady for the two of us. But we sure do enjoy the weekends. We have enjoyed having relaxing Saturdays since we are not going back to Auburn till Thanksgiving/Iron Bowl.

Obviously I don't have much to update on. Whew, what a bore! I'll update with something more exciting next time!