Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cameron: 18 months.

I know I'm always saying this... but lets be real... I can't believe this little boy is 1 1/2 years old!!! In the past few months he has completely changed from my little baby to a big boy! Not only that but he also has become a big brother!

Stats: 26 lbs (50%) 33.25 in (75%)

Cameron really is such a sweet big brother. He loves to constantly give sweet kisses to Rylin. Although, just recently, we have been dealing with him trying to take her paci... not because he wants it but for the pure humor of it. He will learn, hopefully soon, that is NOT funny :) He's been a lot better recently with slowing down, sitting still, and saying cheese for my picture addiction! That has been oh so helpful, especially adding another little one to the pics. Cameron is talking more and more. It cracks me and Matthew up so much when he just spits out a mumbled sentence of made up words. It will be such a shock when that turns into sentences we understand! His words lately and often are mama (referring to EVERYTHING), dada, baby, bubbles, yeah, please, ball. There are several more for sure that I'm missing. We absolutely love when he says "amen" after the blessing and "all done" after eating.  He stretches out the word "all" and we pretty much think its adorable! He's also become quite the little climber. He wants to climb everything! {While nursing Rylin on the couch I look over and he climbed all the way on the dining table and was just crawling in circles around the centerpiece!} He's mastered climbing up on his highchair, the layzboy & couch, the dining chairs and in and out of the car! Cameron has slowly become a pretty good eater! My recent goal for him is for him to eat the same thing as we are eating for dinners. So far he has done fantastic and for that I'm so thankful! We think its so funny because we have learned to offer the food first whole (like a half grilled cheese sandwich), then if he won't eat that... tear it into pieces, and if he still won't eat it give him a fork and he will basically eat everything! On sleeping news... Cameron moved to a BIG BOY BED! I couldn't believe that we have already done it. He has done AMAZING! And we are so thankful for that. For the first while he didn't know he could get down, then he learned (after falling out of the foot of the bed one night)... so now he sometimes will get down and play some or sit by the door when he wakes up. It's pretty amazing that he is doing so great! Cameron still would live outside if possible. He absolutely loves being outside!! His new skill outside is that he can now ride on his toys rather than just push them around! It's been so fun!

26 lbs (50%)
33.25 in (75%)

Cameron you have been such a joy to have around as our little boy! You are sweet and wonderful! We are so thankful for your silliness! Keep growing into a crazy little boy! Can't believe it's already your half birthday! It's been amazing watching you grow and learn... keep it up :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gatlinburg, TN.

 Saturday morning we woke up super early and loaded up the car and the kids to head to Gatlinburg for a super short vacation.

Seems kinda silly to drive 4 hours with two kids under two for just a one night vacay. Yeah, it kinda is... but we really wanted to do it. We had a free place to stay, SO we had to take advantage of the chance to have our own family of four vacation. Ya know, since we have never done it before :) It was a whirlwind, but it was totally worth it!

Our little troopers did a pretty amazing job in the car. Cameron was such a big boy and ate Chickfila for breakfast in his carseat all by himself and watched two movies (on and off). Rylin slept hard and was her normal chill self! 
When we finally got there, after only one pit/feeding stop, there was some traffic going through Pigeon Forge and through Gatlinburg. We weren't sure what we were going to do so we decided to head to Pancake Pantry and enjoy some yummy breakfast for lunch! Cameron thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate chip pancakes! Daddy didn't feel well so we ate quick and decided to head to our condo. (We decided it wasn't really our scene. Seemed way too crowded with rednecks and hillbillies!) 

We made it to our condo (thanks Grandaddy and Grandmother!!) and settled in. Of course with two little kiddos you get lots of down time... nap time! Me and Matthew are very low key people so we don't mind just vacationing by relaxing on a couch! 

The kiddos slept through a little thurderstorm and we enjoyed watching some of the World Cup (Matthew is obsessed!). When the kiddos woke up we got ready to head to the pool. It was great because it wasn't crazy crowded due to the storm! They had a baby pool, which was awesome! Cameron got used to it and enjoyed it. We are still working on getting this boy water happy!

{He still loves elevators!}

We kinda like to spoil the boy while on vacay so he enjoyed some sweet treats... like his first ice cream sandwich!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to the outlets. I'm pretty sure the Under Armour outlet is the only thing to get Matthew excited about shopping! But it all worked out, each of us got something! After shopping we headed to Joe's Crab Shack. It was delish, as always!

We headed back after lunch for the kids to nap. Matthew and I enjoyed a leisurely movie and just chilling! After a bit Gigi and Pappy and Elizabeth got there! The boys watched the US World Cup game while the girls played with the babies! We all had pizza together and then our fam headed out for the babies to sleep on our journey home. 

We so enjoyed our first ever little family vacay. Can't wait for another one... maybe a little longer next time :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Rylin: One Month.

{Somehow I find myself writing this blog, ALREADY! How has time passed so quickly??}

Our pretty little thing is ONE MONTH. 

Stats: No official stats, we will go back to the doctor for your two months. I feel like you are pretty long though. At two weeks you were 7lb. 6oz. and 20 1/2 inches. Excited to get exact numbers and percentages next month. 

Firsts: Everything!! First sponge and regular bath at home. First trip to Huntsville and Birmingham. First time meeting all sorts of family. First bottle. First time away from mom for a long-ish (like over 6 hours!) time. First smiles- nothing on demand though. First tummy time.

Milestones: Umbilical cord stump fell off, sleeping in the pack-n-play for one nap and night time daily, outgrowing some outfits {So sad :( !}, eye and head control improving!

Food: Breastfeeding round 2 for this momma... and boy does that make a difference! We had our fair share of struggle moments in the hospital and at home too, but you are pretty much doing terrific. You are now eating around every 2 hour 20 min during the day and then usually around 1 and 5 am. Of course I'm ready for you to start stretching them out a little more but in reality I know you are doing great :)

Sleep: Definitely no schedule quite yet. You are a wonderful go with the flow little girl though. You sleep quite often. Trying to have you swaddled once for a daytime nap and then around 8-8:30 for bedtime! 

Our days: Hard to say at the moment. But typically you sleep while me and Cameron eat breakfast and then I get you up and feed you around 8. We lounge around or all get ready for the day and you watch and take everything in. I feed you again and we usually go play outside with Cameron before lunch. I put Cam down for nap and then feed you. I'm trying to get this time to be a hardcore nap for you and then I feed you again right after Cam wakes up. Dad comes home and we usually play outside some more before I feed you again sometime around dinner. Then we usually all play upstairs and we put Cam to bed then I feed you and lay you down. You do cry, off and on... really barely any, before settling down and going to sleep! Of course you are sleeping on and off all through the day too. 

Favorites: Mommy loves rocking you and snuggling with you to make you happy. Daddy loves that you have started sleeping better at night!

Rylin, you are truly the perfect addition to our family. I have so much joy from being yours and Cameron's mommy. Cameron adores you and loves to give you kisses. He is usually pretty gentle but sometimes gives you a little head-but :) I'm so excited to see your little personality come out! You are a very sweet, wonderful baby. Everyone asks how it's going with a new baby and I tell them you are such a great, easy baby! Thanks for that sweet thing! Keep growing strong and big sweet little girl.