Monday, April 30, 2012


This past week was good one.

Friday night I got to enjoy some yummy Chinese with hubby and then make cupcakes for Paige's shower!

Saturday I woke up unusually early for my first couponing workshop! I was beyond thrilled about going to hear Jenny from Southern Savers! She is so impressive on how she saves so much money! And she is incredibly funny and a great Christian lady! I felt like it was pretty basic but still very informative.

Right after I finished up with that we headed to Huntsville to celebrate Paige!!

I helped host the lingerie shower/bachelorette bash! We all gathered at Elizabeth G's house and then headed out to Chili's! It was so wonderful to catch up with all of my old girl friends!

After we headed back to Elizabeth's to open lingerie presents and play some fun games!! Paige got some fun stuff {so excited for this sweet girl! 3 weeks!}

The hostesses with Paige! {and YAY I finally got me some wedges!!}
Then on Sunday we finally got to catch up with my parents- because they didn't get home till midnight the night before! We ate some yummy Carrabas and then me and mom headed to Paige's Bridal Tea!
I just can't wait  for this girl's big day! 

And I apologize for my lack of posting here lately! After starting full time its been difficult to find time! But I promise to try :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday bloggin.

News, news. I'm going back to working full time. I have quite mixed emotions on this. I'm excited for the opportunity and flattered by the promotion- but... I get run ragged when I work 8-5. Poor hubby is going to have to step up and help this wifey out. Whew, this past week the apartment began to get a little crowded with all of our dirty dishes and laundry everywhere. I'm certain as I get into a routine things will get better. 

Every morning I wake up thinking: house, house, house! This will bring in SO much more money for us to save for our first home. Talk about motivation!! The new responsibilities make me a little nervous but I'm sure once I get settled in that will pass. It really felt like such a God thing. The morning before work I prayed that the Lord would bless us in our finances and I've really been unsettled about working part time for a while. HE is good.

SO, this past weekend was good. After working a lot I needed a break! We had a chill Friday night catching up on our New Girl {hilarious!} Then Saturday we enjoyed some down time and enjoying our fun families! It was Macie's birthday! (And Meredith's was last week!) So we took the girls to Johnny Rocket's to celebrate for lunch! YUM!

After we went and got Macie's KindleFire! This is the most perfect gadget for this girl! She is such a reader!! For dinner mom and dad were going through B'ham so we met up with them at Brookwood Village (This is my new favorite place to shop/eat!) We ate at Cocina Superior, a fancy shmancy Mexican restaurant! YUM! It was wonderful and so fun to catch up with my parents! 

Sunday we had church and then I got to go to my sweet friend Laura's bridal tea! So excited for her and Drew and this special time!!
Good good weekend!! Looking forward to next weekend- couponing workshop and some of Paige's wedding festivities!! 

{I feel like Sunday is going to become my blogging day! It is very difficult to squeeze blogging into my schedule at the moment! Hopefully that will change soon!}

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Award.

Eckkkk, so excited about one of my newest followers, Leanne over at Simply Beautiful! She so sweetly nominated me for the Liebster Award!

This blog award is for up and coming blogs with 200 or less followers! I've been at blogging for quite some time now but am just now getting into the linking up and meeting new bloggers and such. It's so fun to meet such sweet girls through blogging! I especially love reading about girls that are newlyweds since we are in the same walk of life! Soooo, let's get to it!

Rules for the Award:
1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the award to. Must have less than 200 followers!
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. List the blogs you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
5. Share 5 random facts about yourself!

Blogs I nominate:
1. Abbey at Mommyhood Memories! She is brand-spanking-new to blogging!! She's going to keep us updated on all things baby Parker!! Can't wait to hear all the mommy stories!!
2. SOOO, here's the deal! I don't have that many followers/I don't follow that many people yet to give this award to. Like literally 25 of my 27 followers I know in real life {and they don't get into this kinda blog thing} ... that's just where I'm at right now! 

5 Random facts from me to you:
{I'm so bad at being random- I feel like I've blogged about it all!!}
1. I was affectionately called Sumsey in highschool :) I loved it!
2. Me and hubby's first anniversary is in t-minus 19 days!!
3. This whole spring/summer is being taken over with wedding festivites of dear friends! I'm thrilled about it, by the way :)
4. I wish I could eat Chinese food atleast 2 times a week! (Hubby wouldn't survive!!)
5. I miss dance soo much since I was done after high school!! I wish so badly to find a fun "adult ballet class"

Well that's about it!! Go check out Abbey's blog and Leanne (Thanks for the nomination girl!)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Auburn weekend.

Friday night we moseyed on down to AU to catch some Aday fun and some family time! We got there and Mammaw had a delicous dinner cooked for us. No one can cook like my Mammaw. YUM! Later hubby and I persuaded Greg and Liz to do some Insanity with us! It was a sight to see with all of us stuffed in Mammaw's small den working out! It was intense- shout out to Greg and Liz on their awesome endurance, I was VERY impressed!!
Auburn Aday has already come and gone. Yepp, spring practice is already over. Saturday morning we headed toward campus to watch the Heisman trophy winners statue presentation! It was crowded, so we stood on a table and caught little glimpses of our beloved heisman winners!
 Heyyy CammyCam- you sooo fine! I think hubby has a bigger crush on you than I do! I love that you prove people wrong over and over. You're speech was funny as usual but I did LOVE your poem.
Here's the three statues: I think they did Bo and Pat pretty good, but Cam is kinda unrecognizable! ahh, well.
 Basically the best part of the weekend was getting to hang with some of my favoriteee people. Robyn & Greg, Jeanna & Eric, and Elizabeth! We got some Chickfila for lunch and had a picnic on campus! The temperature in the shade was beyond perfect!

Absolutely adored catching up with my real life BFF, Jeanna. Being in separate towns is just difficult with our crazy hectic lives.
Of course, I loved spending some sweet time with my sweet hubby. The game was quite warm, but Matthew thoroughly enjoyed it! So successes all around :)

SOOO, in another news my new mommy friend Abbey is going to start a blogggg! I can't wait to read about her daily happenings as a new momma. {It's now official that she must start the blog since I've now posted about it!} 

Friday, April 13, 2012

High 5 for Friday.

Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk today!
#1 SOOO the big news is finally out of the bag!! Me and my mother in law are very proud of our keeping secret skills, we can't say the same for my brother in law though! Anyways, my sister in law, Meaghan, and her husband are expecting a little bundle of joy in November! Everyone is super excited, and I am excited to be an aunt times 3!

#2 Have you heard of PicMonkey? I was once addicted to Picnik (which is now shutting down) but I love this much more! I can't wait till the collage feature comes out! Go play! 

#3 I was about in tears last night watching Up All Night. It was so funny, and then so preciously sweet.  I'm so sad that its the season finale. We've missed a few episodes so I can feed my addiction by catching up! But last night was wonderful!!

#2 Last night was THE BEST. It was wonderful to just chill!! At 15 till 8 hubby said how are we done with everything we have to do tonight? We had already worked out and had dinner. It was definitely a success of a night :)

#1 We finally figured out what we are doing for our 1st wedding anniversary! (I can't believe it's already almost been 1 whole year of wedded bliss!!) But we are a little tight on the money side at the moment so we've come up with a good cheaper alternative! More on that later!

Happy, happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy this fun weekend- we are off to AU this weekend to watch out Tigers play (and try to get a peek at Cam Newton!! :) So excited!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday.

This was a neatttt Easter. Me and hubby ventured to church all by our lonesome- no other family to be found. Fun... I like new experiences. Then my family drove to Birmingham to enjoy Easter lunch at our apartment! As you can imagine, I was beyond thrilled about cooking, decorating, and hosting. Saturday morning hubby and I had quite the slow start and I spent a majority of the day cooking and prepping. I loved it!

So I had the table all Easter'd up and decorated. I made the infamous bird's nests from Pinterest as decor/dessert :) They were a hit, and are SO easy peasy!

And what would Easter be without a photoshoot?! Well I don't think we would recognize it if we didn't! We found a nice shady spot and I set up my tripod and we had a good ole time! This one I really love:

Mom put together the cutest Easter baskets/watering cans! ha! She's super talented at this sorta thing! Of course tulle makes everything look cute :) She loaded us up with candy to say the least. The amount of sweets in this house is insane. INSANE.

The whole group at lunch! We were happy to have grandmother and grandaddy for lunch as well! Mom brought the ham, potato salad, and deviled eggs (Since I don't eat the latter two, we figured it best for her to handle those!) And I made a pea/potato casserole, green beans and rolls....

I may have made some dessert too. This barely got eaten (hence, all the sweets we have!) But it was fun to make and I was excited to use my trifle dish for the first time!!

And of course Easter wouldn't even exist without the birth and death of Jesus... because, ON THE THIRD DAY HE ROSE. He rose and had victory. I'm so thankful for a time in the year to be specifically reminded of the huge sacrifice and miracle that took place some time ago. Hallelujah, What a Savior!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

High five for friday.

This week has been rough, so happy for Friday to be here!!

1. I'm SO looking forward to Easter this Sunday! It's such a wonderful time to thank our heavenly Father for the sacrifice He made! Plus, my family is coming to eat Easter lunch at our house! This will be my first time cook a "holiday meal" for my family- nervous, but excited!!

2. Finding out that a sweet baby girl is going to be joining our Sunday school class in August! We are beyond thrilled for Bobby & Ashley... and don't worry, I already put my 2 cents in about her taking ballet!!

3. Getting to wear my coral skinnies! I'm all in to this color jean thing! I want every color!!

4. Seeing one of my BFF's Paige and meeting the Pioneer Woman

5. Secret Church is tonighttttt!!! I'm so excited, and I hope we can all stay awake! It's going to be a longggg night!! Looking forward to hearing David Platt bring the Word!

Happy, happy Friday, enjoy this holiday weekend! Remember to thank the King for the ultimate sacrifice He made for each one of us!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a girl & PW.

So we've had quite the week around here. Busy, busy! Monday we had the end of the Answers to Genesis conference at our church! It was wonderful!! Me and hubby are so excited to get ready to eventually teach these truths to our future children! They talked a lot about students/children that grow up in the church but end up not believing the Bible- talk about motivation.
On Tuesday I went to my girls Bible study, but I was sad to miss hubby's first basketball game (they won!)! But, our sweet friend Ashley & her hubby Bobby are expecting a little one in August! We knew they were finding out the sex on the day of our bible study so we decided to all guess what they were having with the color of our shirts! And Ashley would wear the correct color! Well most of us guessed wrong, but we are still SO excited!! :)
Our little buddy, Parker (pictured above) is the most excited because now he will have a girlfriend :) We love babiesss!!

Soooo, I was looking forward to Wednesday coming ALL week! One of my close friends, Paige (whom I'm convincing to start a blog as she is about to get married!!), came up from Auburn to go to The Pioneer Woman's (Ree Drummond) book signing! Paige lovesss her cookbooks and I read her blog so it was the perfect outing! Wellll, it was SO crowded. We could hardly see the presentation she put together- we just listened, but still great!!
Hubby was wonderfullll and went and got us our line ticket on Tuesday night! Well, we were # 97. That sounds like a long wait (and it was) but they probably had over 300 numbers! We had lots of time to catch up and chit chat... and I was so thankful for that! 
So about 2 hours later we finally got up to meet the wonderful Pioneer Woman. She's great and so funny, a country girl and can literally do it all.

Have a happy happy Thursday!!