Sunday, April 15, 2012

Auburn weekend.

Friday night we moseyed on down to AU to catch some Aday fun and some family time! We got there and Mammaw had a delicous dinner cooked for us. No one can cook like my Mammaw. YUM! Later hubby and I persuaded Greg and Liz to do some Insanity with us! It was a sight to see with all of us stuffed in Mammaw's small den working out! It was intense- shout out to Greg and Liz on their awesome endurance, I was VERY impressed!!
Auburn Aday has already come and gone. Yepp, spring practice is already over. Saturday morning we headed toward campus to watch the Heisman trophy winners statue presentation! It was crowded, so we stood on a table and caught little glimpses of our beloved heisman winners!
 Heyyy CammyCam- you sooo fine! I think hubby has a bigger crush on you than I do! I love that you prove people wrong over and over. You're speech was funny as usual but I did LOVE your poem.
Here's the three statues: I think they did Bo and Pat pretty good, but Cam is kinda unrecognizable! ahh, well.
 Basically the best part of the weekend was getting to hang with some of my favoriteee people. Robyn & Greg, Jeanna & Eric, and Elizabeth! We got some Chickfila for lunch and had a picnic on campus! The temperature in the shade was beyond perfect!

Absolutely adored catching up with my real life BFF, Jeanna. Being in separate towns is just difficult with our crazy hectic lives.
Of course, I loved spending some sweet time with my sweet hubby. The game was quite warm, but Matthew thoroughly enjoyed it! So successes all around :)

SOOO, in another news my new mommy friend Abbey is going to start a blogggg! I can't wait to read about her daily happenings as a new momma. {It's now official that she must start the blog since I've now posted about it!} 


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Enjoy your Monday :)

  2. PS - I wanted to let you know I selected you for the Leibster Blog Award!

    It's an award for up and coming blogs and you can get all the details on my post tomorrow at noon! I don't know if you've received this yet? But hey, multiple nominations just means your blog is loved!

    I know I'm fairly new to your blog, but I'm already loving it! Enjoy :)