Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday bloggin.

News, news. I'm going back to working full time. I have quite mixed emotions on this. I'm excited for the opportunity and flattered by the promotion- but... I get run ragged when I work 8-5. Poor hubby is going to have to step up and help this wifey out. Whew, this past week the apartment began to get a little crowded with all of our dirty dishes and laundry everywhere. I'm certain as I get into a routine things will get better. 

Every morning I wake up thinking: house, house, house! This will bring in SO much more money for us to save for our first home. Talk about motivation!! The new responsibilities make me a little nervous but I'm sure once I get settled in that will pass. It really felt like such a God thing. The morning before work I prayed that the Lord would bless us in our finances and I've really been unsettled about working part time for a while. HE is good.

SO, this past weekend was good. After working a lot I needed a break! We had a chill Friday night catching up on our New Girl {hilarious!} Then Saturday we enjoyed some down time and enjoying our fun families! It was Macie's birthday! (And Meredith's was last week!) So we took the girls to Johnny Rocket's to celebrate for lunch! YUM!

After we went and got Macie's KindleFire! This is the most perfect gadget for this girl! She is such a reader!! For dinner mom and dad were going through B'ham so we met up with them at Brookwood Village (This is my new favorite place to shop/eat!) We ate at Cocina Superior, a fancy shmancy Mexican restaurant! YUM! It was wonderful and so fun to catch up with my parents! 

Sunday we had church and then I got to go to my sweet friend Laura's bridal tea! So excited for her and Drew and this special time!!
Good good weekend!! Looking forward to next weekend- couponing workshop and some of Paige's wedding festivities!! 

{I feel like Sunday is going to become my blogging day! It is very difficult to squeeze blogging into my schedule at the moment! Hopefully that will change soon!}

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