Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#2: Week 25.

{Week 23 & half way through Week 25}

Did I mention time was flying by with this pregnancy on my last post?! Because it certainly is!

This past Sunday I made it to 25 weeks. Goodness that seems super close to 30, which is practically 40. Here comes baby Rylin ready or not! Things seem to be going smoothly and we are just chugging along. My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow, so we are looking to getting a good report and hearing that heartbeat of our sweet girl. Just this week I've been hit with a yukky cold so currently trying to recover from that! With being pregnant typically I'm very congested most of the time but this is a whole new thing. I absolutely despise when I'm unable to sleep... thankfully I seem to be on the mend! I'm continuing to exercise three (trying!) times a week. I think it's helping with this pregnancy but it also brings along its own struggles. I'm very uncomfortable right under my belly, specifically while running. We will see how that continues... I'm hoping to keep exercising up till delivery! 

Since finding out sweet baby is a girl I, along with some aunties and grandparents, have been having fun spending some time in the GIRL department! Matthew is subtly reminding me not to go too crazy! But I tell you what, January is the month of sales! It's so fun! Loving all the pink and dresses and bows! Excited to start looking for some fun stuff for her nursery! Still debating on Gray with pink OR coral. Hmmm... 

Energy wise I'd say is about the same. Only nap every now and then. The days I work out in the morning are the most difficult! And just standing up to cook dinner takes a lot out of me too. Happy that I've still been able to keep up with my Cameron so far! We've also been staying up a little later than usual too to work on packing up our apartment. The long awaited house closing is supposed to be Monday the 10th. I'm still not able to trust them and their dates but we will hope they get it right this time! This has been so drawn out and I'm just ready to get out of this crazy crowded apartment!! 

Looking forward to all that is to come and meeting our sweet baby girl in a few short months! :)