Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Number Two.


Cameron has no clue what he is getting himself in to but I know he will just be the best BIG BROTHER!

We just can't wait to become a family of four! Our due date is May 18th, 2014! We just so believe in being busy, busy obviously- our May will now include our anniversary, Mother's day, many family birthdays, Baby #2's birthday, and my birthday! Crazy, crazy!
We found out over a month ago on September 8th but decided to wait for a while before telling our families. We just thought it would be fun to have our own little family secret for a while! We went to the doctor at the beginning of October and found out our little nugget was 7 weeks!

We were so happy when it was finally time to tell our families about Cameron becoming a big bro! First we headed to Birmingham and told the Watford fam! They were surprised and excited! Here comes grandchild #3!

On Saturday we got up early and headed to Auburn to tell the Thaxton family! They were also surprised and pumped! Here comes grandchild #4!

We are just so excited about having another baby... and we can't wait to find out if it will be a boy or girl! Two little boys running around will be precious or a sweet little sister will be just so perfect! Can't wait to find out in December/January!
So now we are almost 10 weeks and counting... ready for another fun pregnancy adventure to begin! So far everything has been very similar to the beginning of being pregnant with Cam. Nauseated and tired mostly. Feel pretty good as long as I keep eating... which is annoying for sure :)

Here's to another happy, healthy, uneventful pregnancy!