Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rylin: Three months.

Stats: No official stats this month. I weighed you at 13 lbs 4 oz... but who knows how accurate that is. 
Size 1 diapers and 3 months clothes.

Firsts: First round of shots at your 2 month appointment :( first time sleeping in your crib for night time sleep, first time going to watch daddy play basketball in the men's league, first time to visit a fire station with workout friends, first time to Firebirds for mom & dad's date night, first time to KY for the PGA Championship & in a tow truck on the way home because we had some car troubles about an hour and a half from home- you were amazing and did so great the whole day and drive home!! 

Milestones: Your neck is getting so strong. One night I laid you on your belly and that head just popped right up! You also have a little "giggle" you do when we tickle you... you are so ticklish! I think you could roll over if you wanted to, but you don't have a desire yet! You can also now sit in your bumbo! (I look at pictures of Cam and he didn't have quite as much head control as you do!) Sitting up position is your favorite! You have found your hands and love to eat them!!

Food: You are continuing to eat like a champ. Here recently you are only eating approximately 10 min total for a feeding. I love it, so if you are gaining weight and are happy I'm all for it! We rarely hear your "hungry roar" because you are so easy going. Every once and awhile you have to remind me it's time to eat! 

Sleep: You are a pro. You love your sleep. If you are the least bit fussy I usually figure out you are really just sleepy. I swaddle you up, give you your paci and you are out in a matter of minutes! It's been getting slightly harder to get you asleep in your carseat (in the car or stroller). If we are moving it's usually quicker for sure. Although we support the crying it out method... that doesn't exist for you. If you are crying you just want a paci because it fell out. You are wonderful at falling asleep and also at sleeping!!

Our days: This momma's working hard to get you "scheduled" and predictable. We've worded at it hard this month and you are doing wonderful. You usually wake up around 7:30 and eat/play, back asleep around 9, up eating again around 10:30 (sometimes shorter than that!), napping again around 1 for a bit of a longer nap. Wake up again around 3 or 3:30 and eat. We usually head outside to play after that and you will snooze again, usually downstairs in the swing, around 5:30 or 6. Eat and play before bed by 8. I don't stress about this flexible schedule a bit. You are so go with the flow we can keep up with our normal routine (working out, church, lunch with daddy... and stuff like that).

Favorites: Mommy loves getting your loud squeals and giggles out of you from tickles. Daddy is loving that you are getting strong and being able to sit up (supported!) and in the bumbo!

Rylin, we continue to love and enjoy you more and more everyday... even though we didn't think that was possible. You are an amazing baby and we are so thankful for that! Praying that you won't have the 4 month reversion for sleep like your older brother! :) Keep growing strong and getting more fun! We love you sweet girl!