Saturday, April 9, 2011


I must say it's absolutely ridiculous how long it's been since I last blogged. Wow.

So, the countdown is on! It's only 28 days till I marry the man of my dreams, my best friend! Well for me... it's been pretty fun and quick! UNTIL this week. It's been miserable... can time move any slower?! I think it's mostly because Matthew comes back to AU next weekend. Ah, I've got to hold on till then at least.

So I made something for Matthew to speed time along:

(stole this wonderful idea from my sweet sister-in-law Katherine!)

I think it's working for him. Well it probably helps that he works all the time! Oh well!

Okay now to the fun update. So I had my bridal pictures last weekend, and I so wish I could give you a sneak peak. But you just never know when Matthew will snoop around :( But I loved how my hair and makeup turned out! What a relief! Looking forward to the couple's shower in Auburn this upcoming weekend and then later a night at the lake with the girls!

Can't wait till May 7th!