Wednesday, October 24, 2012

30 Weeks.

I'm about ready for this boy to c'mon and get on out! Okayyy, not really, he needs to cook for quite a bit longer but I feel huge and getting slightly uncomfortable. Well 7 weeks till me and the Cameron are term and 10 till we are full term. Can you believe we've made it this far?? Whew, let's do this.

How far along? 30 whole weeks. Wow!

Total weight gain? Around 20 pounds. Yuck.

Maternity clothes? Yes of course. I can still squeeze in my regular black yoga pants and some shirts. Let me emphasize squeeze. Still looking for a dress to wear to my shower in a few weeks!

Stretch marks? Nope. Yay.

Sleep? Sleep is one thing that is going super. I sleep hard and I can sleep long. I wake up once or twice to use the restroom but I go immediately back to sleep. 

Best moment last week? Welllll, I don't know if best is the word for it. But we did have our childbirth class this past Saturday. It was longggg and we learned a lot. I find comfort in some things and more nervousness in some others. Overall it was a good experience though, I'm glad to know some more specific details. We also got to take a tour of the hospital {which I love}. Looks so nice and new!

Movement? Lots and lots of movement. Doctor Ross said at my 30 week appointment that Cameron is already head down and hopefully getting settled. 

Food cravings? Skittles :) Fruit snacks :) Apples

Gender? Sweet baby boy Cameron

Labor signs? Still some braxton hicks here and there, trying to stay super hydrated though.

Belly button in/out? Half still. The top is such an outie. 

Missing? Cuteeee clothes. I want some colored skinnies!

Looking forward to? November 30th... Yes, my wonderful husband is going to be the sole bread winner in our family and I get to have my hearts desires and stay home with our sweet Cameron!! We are so blessed that God has made the provisions for this to all work out! PTL! The 30th is my last day and then I have all of December to nest, Christmas shop, and sleep :)

Milestones? Made it to 30 Weeks, 10 away from our due date!! Lots of progress, here we go!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dating before baby.

Let's talk dating before baby. Not to say that dating between hubby and I will not continue after Cameron gets here... but let's face it, things are going to be changing a whole lot real soon. I've always thought the idea of babymoons were silly. Now that I'm in the prebaby situation... a babymoon sounds heavenly. It would be wonderful to get away and just have some quality one on one time with my love.

Wellllll, with all that said... a babymoon is not possible for this mommy and daddy to be. So we have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to have fun, enjoy each other, and really cherish every moment before baby Cameron. It's really does take a lot of effort, especially since my hubby is one busy man. He's usually taken two to three nights a week and I claim one more, then there's weekends out of town and everything else.

So, how we do it: one fancy, shmancy date night is a must every month. Besides that it's just being thoughtful for the other on a daily basis and having a few splurges here and there.

{Such as: Surprise candies, late night fast food runs, breakfast dates, Sonic runs}
Speaking of dates. We had our grand October date last Friday night. It was especially a fun one because Matthew planned and it was a surprise for me! Those are the best because you know how much us girls like them to put some thoughtful effort into it :) {He's a good one!}
He took me to a Mexican restaurant I had never been to that he had raved about their salsa- it was delish. Mexican is an easy A+ for me since I've craved it most consistently since being pregnant! Then he took me to Steel City Pops, an organic/natural, freshly made popsicle place in Homewood! This place is VERY popular and I've been wanting to go just for "the experience." And an experience it was. I chose Raspberry Lemon and Hubby had plain 'ole Chocolate. They were yummy though! Then since I'm an old pregnant lady, we headed towards home and stopped to get a redbox on the way. I talked Hubby into watching it on the laptop in bed- my favorite! It was fun fun, and I just love my time with my sweets!

Monday, October 15, 2012

29 Weeks.

How far along? 29 weeks... 1 week till I'm in my thirties?? Not possible, no way. This pregnancy is flying by!!

Total weight gain? 18 lbs. Let me tell you how I feel about that... yuck.

Maternity clothes? Yes, yes. Now on the lookout for something cute to wear to my shower in November. Destination Maternity opens in the Galleria this week so I'm hoping they have some good opening sales!

Stretch marks? Nada!

Sleep? Still going great!! Getting up sometimes twice to use the restroom but still sleeping hard! 10:00 pm is my favorite time of day... but the morning comes too quick!

Best moment last week? Watching Matthew watch Cameron move in my belly. He finally got to see my belly making all sorts of movements and he thought it was SO funny and mentioned that I have an alien in there. I told him Cameron has been extremely active this week and seems to be ready to bust out. I told Cam he's going to have to wait a little bit longer!

Movement? The most yet. It seems to be less "punching and jabbing" and a lot more acrobatics. I think he is just flailing his arms in there and doing somersaults! And I love it, although I did feel my first few painful movements... a little too hard on my ribs! haha

Food cravings? I'm really not enjoying the weight gain so I'm trying to force myself to crave something healthy. This past week I bought some apples to make caramel apples and ended up eating them before I bought caramel. Good healthy choice :)

Gender? Boy.boy.boy. Although my brother Wade predicted a surprise at the birth! ha!

Labor signs? Nothing to report!

Belly button in/out? Still sitting on edge. Pretty flat depending on my position... when standing the top is poking out though!

Missing? Nothing!

Looking forward to? Meeting my baby. Just this week I've been really anxious and ready for December to hurry up and get here!! But I know Cameron needs a lot more time to keep cookin'

Milestones? Nothing really... maybe something next week. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

28 Weeks.

How far along? 28 weeks. Officially in my third trimester. Ready to get this boy cooked and meet him soon!!

Total weight gain? Around 16 lbs or so.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes. Still using some regular tops and leggings. Dresses are the best though!!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet!!

Sleep? As Matthew would say, I'm sleeping like a rock!! Getting some good quality sleep, but starting to kind of wake up early and feel really awake! I hate that!! 5 oclock in the morning is not a good time to be awake :)

Best moment last week? My amazing family threw me and Matthew a surprise baby shower for Cameron!! Granted, I was the only surprised one... but I felt SO special and am so thankful for all the amazing family in my life :)

Movement? Yes, yes. Although, I still think he's not an "active" child. He gets most wired when I hop in bed at night!!

Food cravings? Anything and everything. I just want to eat... pretty much all the time. Trying to hold back because I would really like to get through this pregnancy without becoming a complete buffalo!

Gender? BOY! Cameron Martin :)

Labor signs? Braxton Hicks here and there. Matthew tells me I've got one solid ab when I'm having them!!

Belly button in/out? I've been told by my sweet SIL that I must now report that it is out! Welllll, I think it's half in, half out. The top is definitely OUT. Ugh! 

Missing? Being functional. Haha. It's getting difficult to bend down etc etc. My big belly is getting in the way!

Looking forward to? Meeting my baby boy and becoming a mommy!

Milestones? Had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday and had my blood sugar test. I passed with flying colors and then they sent me to lab for some more blood testing that I will get results for in a few weeks! Seems everything is going well with Cameron and I set up my appointments all the way to December 3rd!! Ahhhh, time is flying by!!


Monday, October 8, 2012

An Auburn Baby Shower.

My family is the absolute best.

I thought this weekend was about celebrating Diane and her 50th birthday, tailgating, and celebrating Elizabeth's 21st birthday. I was right... and wrong.

Sunday after church I was under the impression that we were heading to Cock of the Walk to have lunch and celebrate Elizabeth's birthday with the fam. Like the wholeeee fam, literally the whole Thaxton side and Grandmother and Grandaddy!

Welllll, I was told to "stall" Elizabeth so everyone could get to the restaurant before us {Well played mother}. So me, Matthew, and Liz waltzed in to The Walk and were greeted by a very excited hostess to take us to the table. Then we walked in and I see a banner and immediately think, who made a banner? that's typically my job. Ohhhh goodness, it says Cameron! And here comes the tears.

Everyone was there. The Thaxton side, Grandmother and Grandaddy, The Watfords and Elizabeth M! I am blessed. It was wonderful. Everything was gray and orange and adorable. Lots of chevron and wonderfulness.

I'm completely blown away by the sweetness and effort from everyone who helped plan and made it SO special!! 

Not only was the food, decor, and company enough... then comes the gifts. Cameron is one loved little guy. I feel much more prepared to bring him into the world now that I'm set with some essentials :)

So, THANK YOU EVERYONE. It mean's so much to me and Matthew to already feel the love you all have for Cameron!
And a big shout out to Gigi and Pappy for orchestrating it all :) {AND to everyone who contributed and helped!!}

Thursday, October 4, 2012

27 Weeks.

How far along? TWENTYSEVEN weeks... what?!?

Total weight gain? Maybe around 15 pounds or so!

Maternity clothes? Yesss, lots and lots. This past Saturday I got to go to the Kid's Market and got a few things for me...(including the top I have on in my pics!)

Stretch marks? Noneeee, YAY!

Sleep? Sleeping like a rock... but still completely worn out by Thursday night.

Best moment last week? We got to see Caroline and her mommy and daddy for dinner Friday! And going to the Kid's Market early and checking out all the stuff and all the crazies. I was sooo overwhelmed and some of those momma's are just too funny. Also went to Meaghan's Birmingham shower so it was fun to see some family and get excited for Tucker!

Movement? Lots and lots. My favorite is to watch my belly move!

Food cravings? Nothing specific this week... Just VERY hungry quite a bit!!

Gender? BOY!

Labor signs? a few braxton hicks here and there.

Belly button in/out? In, but getting oh so close!!

Missing? Feeling small. This week I have felt absolutely huge. 

Looking forward to? Getting the nursery going. Crib, dresser, bedding and everything else!!! Doctor's appointment!

Milestones? (Some people say) I made it to my THIRD TRIMESTER! Ahhh! That mean's its almost Cameron time!!! And I read that I can eat more calories. You know because I've been keeping up with that and everything....YUM YUM.

{This post was written for the date of 10/1}