Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dating before baby.

Let's talk dating before baby. Not to say that dating between hubby and I will not continue after Cameron gets here... but let's face it, things are going to be changing a whole lot real soon. I've always thought the idea of babymoons were silly. Now that I'm in the prebaby situation... a babymoon sounds heavenly. It would be wonderful to get away and just have some quality one on one time with my love.

Wellllll, with all that said... a babymoon is not possible for this mommy and daddy to be. So we have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to have fun, enjoy each other, and really cherish every moment before baby Cameron. It's really does take a lot of effort, especially since my hubby is one busy man. He's usually taken two to three nights a week and I claim one more, then there's weekends out of town and everything else.

So, how we do it: one fancy, shmancy date night is a must every month. Besides that it's just being thoughtful for the other on a daily basis and having a few splurges here and there.

{Such as: Surprise candies, late night fast food runs, breakfast dates, Sonic runs}
Speaking of dates. We had our grand October date last Friday night. It was especially a fun one because Matthew planned and it was a surprise for me! Those are the best because you know how much us girls like them to put some thoughtful effort into it :) {He's a good one!}
He took me to a Mexican restaurant I had never been to that he had raved about their salsa- it was delish. Mexican is an easy A+ for me since I've craved it most consistently since being pregnant! Then he took me to Steel City Pops, an organic/natural, freshly made popsicle place in Homewood! This place is VERY popular and I've been wanting to go just for "the experience." And an experience it was. I chose Raspberry Lemon and Hubby had plain 'ole Chocolate. They were yummy though! Then since I'm an old pregnant lady, we headed towards home and stopped to get a redbox on the way. I talked Hubby into watching it on the laptop in bed- my favorite! It was fun fun, and I just love my time with my sweets!

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