Monday, October 8, 2012

An Auburn Baby Shower.

My family is the absolute best.

I thought this weekend was about celebrating Diane and her 50th birthday, tailgating, and celebrating Elizabeth's 21st birthday. I was right... and wrong.

Sunday after church I was under the impression that we were heading to Cock of the Walk to have lunch and celebrate Elizabeth's birthday with the fam. Like the wholeeee fam, literally the whole Thaxton side and Grandmother and Grandaddy!

Welllll, I was told to "stall" Elizabeth so everyone could get to the restaurant before us {Well played mother}. So me, Matthew, and Liz waltzed in to The Walk and were greeted by a very excited hostess to take us to the table. Then we walked in and I see a banner and immediately think, who made a banner? that's typically my job. Ohhhh goodness, it says Cameron! And here comes the tears.

Everyone was there. The Thaxton side, Grandmother and Grandaddy, The Watfords and Elizabeth M! I am blessed. It was wonderful. Everything was gray and orange and adorable. Lots of chevron and wonderfulness.

I'm completely blown away by the sweetness and effort from everyone who helped plan and made it SO special!! 

Not only was the food, decor, and company enough... then comes the gifts. Cameron is one loved little guy. I feel much more prepared to bring him into the world now that I'm set with some essentials :)

So, THANK YOU EVERYONE. It mean's so much to me and Matthew to already feel the love you all have for Cameron!
And a big shout out to Gigi and Pappy for orchestrating it all :) {AND to everyone who contributed and helped!!}

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