Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tatum's first birthday.

My little niece, Tatum Michelle just celebrated her first birthday!
Tuesday the 18th was her actual big day but when Saturday came around we were ready to party it up :) Amy had planned a bug themed party for our favorite TatumBug! How fun!!

So lots of family drove into town all through Friday and Saturday morning. By party time we had me, Liz, (and Rye), Gmother, Gdaddy, Blake, Katherine, Mammaw, Diane, and Robyn! What a group- all there to celebrate one year of life a little girl that we love so dearly!
I think Amy enjoyed all the presents more than Tatum did. However, Tatum did enjoy the owl purse that me and Matthew gave her! (You know, we are her favorite Aunt and Uncle! haha) But, it was such a fun afternoon of enjoying family and quality Tatum time! We had fun getting to watch Tatum have a bath and giving her a bottle before bed!
After the party mom actually had to do breakfast for sunday school the next morning so we headed to Target for supplies. Me and Robyn took on the task of making Pumpkin Muffins (courtesy of Pinterest!) They were SO yummy. Instead of just doing cream cheese icing with them I found a apple cider glaze... omg, to die for. Let's just say their aren't any left and they are coming to our tailgate this next weekend in Auburn!
The weekend was wonderful but I did miss my Matthew. (He is a leader for a 7th grade guys d-group at Shades and had a d-group weekend!) It was very unfortunate for sure!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am sooo forgetful. I forgot to do my Friday's Favorite Five again!! Ugh, I worked that morning and then I had to pack and straighten up before leaving town... that will be my excuse!

I'm not doing a re-do... so forget about that. BUT, we did head to Auburn this past weekend and enjoyed a fun weekend of soaking up some great family time! Friday when we got there we headed to the Arena to check out the end of the men's basketball "Madness" opener event. I'm not going to lie, it was slightly disappointing. Whoever plans those things needs to get it together! But our team did look quite a bit more promising than last year. Exciting!! I'm sure we will be heading down to AU quite a bit once the bball begins!
After leaving there we headed to Mammaw's to hang with the fam! I got to catch up with Robyn and browse through some wedding dresses online. Last weekend she asked me to be her Matron of Honor for her and Greg's wedding in August! I'm beyond thrilled and excited!! Me and Matthew stayed at Grandmother and Grandaddy's (even though they are in Colorado) house to stay with Jeanna because she is staying there keeping the dogs! Me and Jean stayed up till about 1 gabbing and catching up. I love sweet times with friends!

SO Saturday we ended up leaving and heading to the tailgate around 10:30. It made for quite a long day but it was such a beautiful day. The company and food was great! So was the game :) War Eagle! What a crazy year this has been!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Birmingham Zoo.

I told you I was looking forward to this weekend- it didn't disappoint.
We got up early on Saturday morning to meet Wade/Amy/Tatum, Mom/Dad, and Blake/Katherine at the Birmingham Zoo. We were so excited for the fam to be coming to our town to enjoy each others company :) There's just about a billion pictures I wanted to post.
I enjoyed some wonderful quality time with the TatumTot!
And that's our group. While walking around the zoo I thought... how funny we are, a big group of adults and one little kid at the zoo. Haha, we sure do love that little girl. It is extremely fun to take pictures of a precious little girl. I could just eat her up.
If Amy would let me... I would just take her home with me! She just loved Matthew.While walking through the monkey exhibits I decided to let Matthew have a turn holding the Tatum girl. Well this picture makes it seem like she wasn't too sure about it... but after she got used to him she was in love. (We decided to test a theory. Wade kept saying, "Oh I had on a orange shirt yesterday and she loved it so that's why." Well we made him take off the orange shirt and all the boys sat on the couch [pappy, Blake, Wade, and Matthew] and I sat Tatum down across the room. She walked straight to Matthew. Sooo funny!!)
Well I was able to snap one quick photo of an animal. See, we were at the zoo :)
So after the zoo we went to lunch and then came to our apartment to show it to Wade and Amy. After a while they headed home but everyone else stayed to watch the Auburn football game. Well that was a disaster, but we did enjoy the company! (We did miss Elizabeth though!) Looking forward to another great week ahead.

Friday, October 7, 2011


{Friday's Favorite Five}
I feel like this week has passed sooo slowly. Probably because I'm anticipating the weekend!

5. I finally got to pretend to be photographer again. Wednesday morning I met up with Michael and Stacy to take their engagement pictures. It was fun to do it again :) Here's a preview:
(I always love a good ring shot!)
4. Wednesday night a special came on ESPN about Auburns quarterbacks this season. It was excellent. We kind of watched it with a heavy heart knowing that Trotter hasn't quite performed as awesome as we would have liked. But still it was still so great, War Eagle!

3. We got our own internet!! We have been borrowing someones internet (we could only pick it up in our bedroom) since we moved in to the apartment. And even in the trailer we may have borrowed it from one of our neighbors. So having our own is really great.

2. We had a family dinner night on Monday at the Watfords. Michael and Stacy were in town and Nan and Daddy Butch came over. We were celebrating Daddy Butch's birthday. I love soaking up some time with the fam.

1. I started my job! Thursday I drove to Jasper to fill out paper work and observe the tellers there. Today I went to my actual branch and worked. It will take me some time to figure everything out... but I think it will be good :)

SO, why am I anticipating the weekend you ask?! WELL, Tatum and family are coming to Birmingham tomorrow for a visit! We are going to the zoo! I'm beyond excited!! Then mom, dad, Blake and Katherine are staying to watch the game with us! It will be great!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

McDonalds, internet cafe.

I'm so sorry that I missed my FF5 this past Friday. We have been "borrowing" internet since we moved into our apartment in Birmingham and our secret friends must have moved away. The free internet has disappeared. It was a sad day in the Watford household. So instead I'll just give you a few highlights from this past week. I had my interview on Monday which I felt went pretty well- haven't heard anything back though. BUT I did hear back from the bank I interviewed with last week and they would like to hire me on as a part time teller. I would work from 10:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday. Hellooooo, I can handle that :) So I will give them my answer tomorrow (which I may wait till the afternoon in hopes of hearing back from the full time job at the dermatology office)!

Friday was great... me and Matthew went on a date and enjoyed some food court Chinese food. Since we're unable to eat out all that much it's a treat to have some chinese! After that we did a little shopping at Target (where I bought a new workout dvd... here's to hoping it works and staying committed!) Well after that we went to see the movie Courageous. Let me just say, stop whatever you're doing and go see it! Take every man and unbeliever you know. The Gospel is spelled out word for word. I cried, a lot and loved every minute. How thankful am I to have a man of courage and one that I know will seek God every step of the way :) #blessed.
Saturday was spent relaxing and enjoying my sweet husband. We enjoyed a wonderful victory for our Auburn Tigers over the #10 South Carolina Gamecocks! It was a great game and just what our team needed... maybe some confidence?

This morning we joined Shades Mountain Baptist Church and are excited to see how God can have us serve there. Matthew is already leading a d-group for some 7th grade guys. I'm excited to get really plugged in! I also got to meet up with Gigi and Pappy and Liz to eat an early birthday dinner for Elizabeth's bday. Happy day tomorrow girl. You are so stinkin' old!
AND NOW, I am sitting here in a booth at McDonalds blogging to the world. Ugh, this is crazy crazy. I don't want this to make my posts far and few between. I'm too addicted for that :) I'll do my best!! (also, no internet puts an extreme downer on couponing! I'm so upset!!)