Friday, October 7, 2011


{Friday's Favorite Five}
I feel like this week has passed sooo slowly. Probably because I'm anticipating the weekend!

5. I finally got to pretend to be photographer again. Wednesday morning I met up with Michael and Stacy to take their engagement pictures. It was fun to do it again :) Here's a preview:
(I always love a good ring shot!)
4. Wednesday night a special came on ESPN about Auburns quarterbacks this season. It was excellent. We kind of watched it with a heavy heart knowing that Trotter hasn't quite performed as awesome as we would have liked. But still it was still so great, War Eagle!

3. We got our own internet!! We have been borrowing someones internet (we could only pick it up in our bedroom) since we moved in to the apartment. And even in the trailer we may have borrowed it from one of our neighbors. So having our own is really great.

2. We had a family dinner night on Monday at the Watfords. Michael and Stacy were in town and Nan and Daddy Butch came over. We were celebrating Daddy Butch's birthday. I love soaking up some time with the fam.

1. I started my job! Thursday I drove to Jasper to fill out paper work and observe the tellers there. Today I went to my actual branch and worked. It will take me some time to figure everything out... but I think it will be good :)

SO, why am I anticipating the weekend you ask?! WELL, Tatum and family are coming to Birmingham tomorrow for a visit! We are going to the zoo! I'm beyond excited!! Then mom, dad, Blake and Katherine are staying to watch the game with us! It will be great!!

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