Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tatum's first birthday.

My little niece, Tatum Michelle just celebrated her first birthday!
Tuesday the 18th was her actual big day but when Saturday came around we were ready to party it up :) Amy had planned a bug themed party for our favorite TatumBug! How fun!!

So lots of family drove into town all through Friday and Saturday morning. By party time we had me, Liz, (and Rye), Gmother, Gdaddy, Blake, Katherine, Mammaw, Diane, and Robyn! What a group- all there to celebrate one year of life a little girl that we love so dearly!
I think Amy enjoyed all the presents more than Tatum did. However, Tatum did enjoy the owl purse that me and Matthew gave her! (You know, we are her favorite Aunt and Uncle! haha) But, it was such a fun afternoon of enjoying family and quality Tatum time! We had fun getting to watch Tatum have a bath and giving her a bottle before bed!
After the party mom actually had to do breakfast for sunday school the next morning so we headed to Target for supplies. Me and Robyn took on the task of making Pumpkin Muffins (courtesy of Pinterest!) They were SO yummy. Instead of just doing cream cheese icing with them I found a apple cider glaze... omg, to die for. Let's just say their aren't any left and they are coming to our tailgate this next weekend in Auburn!
The weekend was wonderful but I did miss my Matthew. (He is a leader for a 7th grade guys d-group at Shades and had a d-group weekend!) It was very unfortunate for sure!

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