Sunday, October 2, 2011

McDonalds, internet cafe.

I'm so sorry that I missed my FF5 this past Friday. We have been "borrowing" internet since we moved into our apartment in Birmingham and our secret friends must have moved away. The free internet has disappeared. It was a sad day in the Watford household. So instead I'll just give you a few highlights from this past week. I had my interview on Monday which I felt went pretty well- haven't heard anything back though. BUT I did hear back from the bank I interviewed with last week and they would like to hire me on as a part time teller. I would work from 10:30 to 2:30 Monday through Friday. Hellooooo, I can handle that :) So I will give them my answer tomorrow (which I may wait till the afternoon in hopes of hearing back from the full time job at the dermatology office)!

Friday was great... me and Matthew went on a date and enjoyed some food court Chinese food. Since we're unable to eat out all that much it's a treat to have some chinese! After that we did a little shopping at Target (where I bought a new workout dvd... here's to hoping it works and staying committed!) Well after that we went to see the movie Courageous. Let me just say, stop whatever you're doing and go see it! Take every man and unbeliever you know. The Gospel is spelled out word for word. I cried, a lot and loved every minute. How thankful am I to have a man of courage and one that I know will seek God every step of the way :) #blessed.
Saturday was spent relaxing and enjoying my sweet husband. We enjoyed a wonderful victory for our Auburn Tigers over the #10 South Carolina Gamecocks! It was a great game and just what our team needed... maybe some confidence?

This morning we joined Shades Mountain Baptist Church and are excited to see how God can have us serve there. Matthew is already leading a d-group for some 7th grade guys. I'm excited to get really plugged in! I also got to meet up with Gigi and Pappy and Liz to eat an early birthday dinner for Elizabeth's bday. Happy day tomorrow girl. You are so stinkin' old!
AND NOW, I am sitting here in a booth at McDonalds blogging to the world. Ugh, this is crazy crazy. I don't want this to make my posts far and few between. I'm too addicted for that :) I'll do my best!! (also, no internet puts an extreme downer on couponing! I'm so upset!!)

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