Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Birmingham Zoo.

I told you I was looking forward to this weekend- it didn't disappoint.
We got up early on Saturday morning to meet Wade/Amy/Tatum, Mom/Dad, and Blake/Katherine at the Birmingham Zoo. We were so excited for the fam to be coming to our town to enjoy each others company :) There's just about a billion pictures I wanted to post.
I enjoyed some wonderful quality time with the TatumTot!
And that's our group. While walking around the zoo I thought... how funny we are, a big group of adults and one little kid at the zoo. Haha, we sure do love that little girl. It is extremely fun to take pictures of a precious little girl. I could just eat her up.
If Amy would let me... I would just take her home with me! She just loved Matthew.While walking through the monkey exhibits I decided to let Matthew have a turn holding the Tatum girl. Well this picture makes it seem like she wasn't too sure about it... but after she got used to him she was in love. (We decided to test a theory. Wade kept saying, "Oh I had on a orange shirt yesterday and she loved it so that's why." Well we made him take off the orange shirt and all the boys sat on the couch [pappy, Blake, Wade, and Matthew] and I sat Tatum down across the room. She walked straight to Matthew. Sooo funny!!)
Well I was able to snap one quick photo of an animal. See, we were at the zoo :)
So after the zoo we went to lunch and then came to our apartment to show it to Wade and Amy. After a while they headed home but everyone else stayed to watch the Auburn football game. Well that was a disaster, but we did enjoy the company! (We did miss Elizabeth though!) Looking forward to another great week ahead.

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