Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am sooo forgetful. I forgot to do my Friday's Favorite Five again!! Ugh, I worked that morning and then I had to pack and straighten up before leaving town... that will be my excuse!

I'm not doing a re-do... so forget about that. BUT, we did head to Auburn this past weekend and enjoyed a fun weekend of soaking up some great family time! Friday when we got there we headed to the Arena to check out the end of the men's basketball "Madness" opener event. I'm not going to lie, it was slightly disappointing. Whoever plans those things needs to get it together! But our team did look quite a bit more promising than last year. Exciting!! I'm sure we will be heading down to AU quite a bit once the bball begins!
After leaving there we headed to Mammaw's to hang with the fam! I got to catch up with Robyn and browse through some wedding dresses online. Last weekend she asked me to be her Matron of Honor for her and Greg's wedding in August! I'm beyond thrilled and excited!! Me and Matthew stayed at Grandmother and Grandaddy's (even though they are in Colorado) house to stay with Jeanna because she is staying there keeping the dogs! Me and Jean stayed up till about 1 gabbing and catching up. I love sweet times with friends!

SO Saturday we ended up leaving and heading to the tailgate around 10:30. It made for quite a long day but it was such a beautiful day. The company and food was great! So was the game :) War Eagle! What a crazy year this has been!!

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