Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday.

This was a neatttt Easter. Me and hubby ventured to church all by our lonesome- no other family to be found. Fun... I like new experiences. Then my family drove to Birmingham to enjoy Easter lunch at our apartment! As you can imagine, I was beyond thrilled about cooking, decorating, and hosting. Saturday morning hubby and I had quite the slow start and I spent a majority of the day cooking and prepping. I loved it!

So I had the table all Easter'd up and decorated. I made the infamous bird's nests from Pinterest as decor/dessert :) They were a hit, and are SO easy peasy!

And what would Easter be without a photoshoot?! Well I don't think we would recognize it if we didn't! We found a nice shady spot and I set up my tripod and we had a good ole time! This one I really love:

Mom put together the cutest Easter baskets/watering cans! ha! She's super talented at this sorta thing! Of course tulle makes everything look cute :) She loaded us up with candy to say the least. The amount of sweets in this house is insane. INSANE.

The whole group at lunch! We were happy to have grandmother and grandaddy for lunch as well! Mom brought the ham, potato salad, and deviled eggs (Since I don't eat the latter two, we figured it best for her to handle those!) And I made a pea/potato casserole, green beans and rolls....

I may have made some dessert too. This barely got eaten (hence, all the sweets we have!) But it was fun to make and I was excited to use my trifle dish for the first time!!

And of course Easter wouldn't even exist without the birth and death of Jesus... because, ON THE THIRD DAY HE ROSE. He rose and had victory. I'm so thankful for a time in the year to be specifically reminded of the huge sacrifice and miracle that took place some time ago. Hallelujah, What a Savior!!!

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