Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a girl & PW.

So we've had quite the week around here. Busy, busy! Monday we had the end of the Answers to Genesis conference at our church! It was wonderful!! Me and hubby are so excited to get ready to eventually teach these truths to our future children! They talked a lot about students/children that grow up in the church but end up not believing the Bible- talk about motivation.
On Tuesday I went to my girls Bible study, but I was sad to miss hubby's first basketball game (they won!)! But, our sweet friend Ashley & her hubby Bobby are expecting a little one in August! We knew they were finding out the sex on the day of our bible study so we decided to all guess what they were having with the color of our shirts! And Ashley would wear the correct color! Well most of us guessed wrong, but we are still SO excited!! :)
Our little buddy, Parker (pictured above) is the most excited because now he will have a girlfriend :) We love babiesss!!

Soooo, I was looking forward to Wednesday coming ALL week! One of my close friends, Paige (whom I'm convincing to start a blog as she is about to get married!!), came up from Auburn to go to The Pioneer Woman's (Ree Drummond) book signing! Paige lovesss her cookbooks and I read her blog so it was the perfect outing! Wellll, it was SO crowded. We could hardly see the presentation she put together- we just listened, but still great!!
Hubby was wonderfullll and went and got us our line ticket on Tuesday night! Well, we were # 97. That sounds like a long wait (and it was) but they probably had over 300 numbers! We had lots of time to catch up and chit chat... and I was so thankful for that! 
So about 2 hours later we finally got up to meet the wonderful Pioneer Woman. She's great and so funny, a country girl and can literally do it all.

Have a happy happy Thursday!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Was looking for some blogs talking about their experience at the signings to see what to expect at ours next week. We are at 226 for signing (unfortunatley), but almost 1000 tickets have been handed out, so glad we aren't a lot further back!