Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinterest Menu board.

So I finally found a DIY project on Pinterest that I thought I just might be able to handle! I decided to make the dry erase menu board for our kitchen. Here's my inspiration:

So here's how mine went down:
I bought the frame from a thrift store, just making sure it had good glass, for about 3 dollars! I sanded it down to prep it for painting!

Next I took scrapbook paper and glued it to the cardboard back on the picture frame and trimmed it from there! It's nice you don't have to worry about the edges since they will be hidden behind the frame!

Next here comes the paint. I planned to spray paint it, but our weather has sucked. So I ended up just painting it black with some left over paint I had. Easy-peasy.

Next I used Robyn's awesome Cricut to cut out the letters. I had originally planned to put them on the glass (So I bought vinyl) But I decided it would be easier to put on the paper under the glass so when I erase I won't have to worry about the stickers! Sorry no pictures of the Cricut process. It was slightly difficult! (Obviously the easier option would be to just print the words on to your scrapbook paper, but I wanted to play with Robyn's toy!)

SO here's the finished project! I love it.. turned out just how I had hoped:

And in our kitchen:

And just for fun... We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day last week :) Love me some Chickfila

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