Friday, May 10, 2013


1. We dressed little man all up to go see Pops and Cece on Saturday! I got a great deal on his Under Armour sweat suit and just couldn't resist! {I'm pretty much obsessed with his new ball cap!}

2. We have had a crazy crazy week of naps. Little man seems to see the camera now.

3. My two handsome lunch dates to Chickfila on Tuesday! We usually don't go out for lunch much, but we splurged since it was our anniversary!

4. On Tuesday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We had a nice night out without Cameron! Olive Garden and a little shopping at the Galleria! Love my man, and so thankful for him!

5. On Wednesday afternoon we headed to the park. We had never taken Cameron and I wanted to see how he would do on the swings. Not his favorite thing, he didn't scream or anything but didn't love it either! We will have to work on it! {Got some beautiful pictures of him anyways!}

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