Friday, April 26, 2013

Cameron: Four Months.

{This is the first month that Cam paid attention to the ball and wanted to hold and eat it!}

Stats: Weight: 12 lbs 11 oz, 5%... Height: 25 in, 50%... Head circumference: 16 in, 25%. He's a healthy happy little guy. We are going to add some feedings to try and get his weight up a little bit.
Size 2 diapers, 3 months clothes.

Firsts: First trip to Florida and the beach, first Easter, first time to giggle, first surprise party for your Aunt Mere, first time in Jordan-Hare for the Aday game & first time rolling Toomer's, first time to mom & dad's favorite restaurant Firebirds!

Milestones: Always wants to stand in your lap rather than sit... strong boy!! Rolling from your belly to your back with no problem- but only when you're in the mood. Holding on to your lovie and toys and taking all of them to your mouth! Giggling! Grabbing your toes all by yourself!

Food & Sleep: For most of your fourth month you were eating every three hours and having a long stretch at least 9 hours overnight. Towards the end you cue'd us to a four hour stretch and you were taking it like a champ. As far as sleep goes, you are still awesome! Still napping for atleast an hour between feedings and usually sleeping 8 hours at night with no interruptions. Here towards the end you've been waking up earlier and earlier. We will see what you do next! (Obviously we are about to change up his eating- pretty much going back to the 3 hour schedule hoping to help him gain a little more weight!)

Our days: The first half of this past month our days were crazy. There was no telling what you would do- I was just holding on for dear life to figure it out :) Well, once I was beginning to, you switched it up again, always keep me guessing. Here more recently you are waking up between 6-7 am to eat and then I put you right back down and you sleep till at least 8:30. After that you are usually still tired so we may hang out in my bed till I feed you around 9. After that we are off to run or run errands or just hanging at the house. You love your play mat and are beginning to enjoy your exersaucer... we are phasing out the swing, you are starting to show little interest for it. You go down for a nap around 11 or so and sleep for maybe 1 1/2 hours. (Although you are going through a phase where 30 minutes in you wake up and either want to be held or cry a while before going back to sleep). I feed you again around 1 pm. And then we are repeat until night time, depending on what we have going on. (A lot of this will change as well since we are eating more!)

Favorites: Mommy & daddy love to hear you giggle!

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Little Man, BuggaBoo, Bugga, Baby Boy

Photos of your fourth month:


You are seriously a happy, wonderful baby. Me and your daddy can't get enough of you! Your smile is just the sweetest little thing! Thanks for smiling when I kiss you- makes me feel special and loved. We enjoy seeing you learn new things and become more interested in the world around you every day! We are excited to continue to introduce you to new things sweet boy. We love you!!

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