Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aday & Toomers on the Plains.

First off, forgive me for a picture overload. 
We headed to Auburn on Friday when Matthew got off work for Auburn's Aday game and the final roll for the original oaks at Toomer's Corner! They decided to have a big blow out for the last roll, and a lot of people came to celebrate! It was Auburn's largest ever Aday game, and I'm pretty sure there were more people there than most of the games last fall! Over 83,000 to be exact.

Friday night we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Mammaws with Liz and Donnie! Later we headed to Grandmother and Grandaddys and hit the sack! Saturday me and Liz went for a jog before getting ready! After we got dressed up in our orange and blue we headed for lunch with gmother and gdaddy!

After lunch, us three with Elizabeth headed for Jordan-Hare! We were so excited for Cameron to have his first visit there! It was so crowded. The lines were so long! Thankfully Cameron was sleeping in the stroller so we didn't mind the wait! When we finally got in we met up with Jeanna, Eric, and Kenda! Cameron was happy to see his bud Jeanna! :)

After waking from his nap too early he was a little cranky and sleepy, but still taking in all the wonderful sites and sounds of Auburn!

I was so happy to see Paige, even if it was just for a few minutes!!

Cam meeting daddy's friend!

Toomer's Corner:

After the game we headed to Toomer's Corner to see the original oaks one last time! We stayed back a little since we were strollering :)

Cameron overall did great on the trip, especially considering the short naps he had!! I can't wait to take him to a real Auburn game in the fall! War Eagle!!!

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