Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cameron: Three Months.

{Your new thing is eating your fist. You are all about it!}

Stats: Unfortunately we didn't get his height or weight this month because we didn't have a doctors appointment and our scale at home broke! In my opinion you have gained some weight and stretched out. You seem so long to me! 
Size 1 diapers, 3 months clothes.

Firsts: First time to visit Samford Hall and Toomer's Corner in Auburn, first time meeting Gigi in Cullman

Milestones: Significantly stronger in holding up your head. Talking to us a lot with your cute little coo's!

Food & Sleep: Still eating and sleeping like a champ. Eating every three hours. Playing for an hour and a half after eating, then sleeping for an hour and a half before eating again. Sleeping wonderfully at night, usually a solid 8 hours- not waking up any!

Our days: We are still just going with the flow. You are still doing great at tagging along with whatever I need to do or get done! Went through a little phase where it was hard to take you anywhere when you were sleepy because you didn't want to sleep in your carseat! But thankfully it seem's you have gotten over that! You are doing wonderful in the church nursery and whenever Cece and Pops keeps you. Thankful for your sweet little "go with the flow" spirit! 

Favorites: Mommy loves when you sleep in her arms (seems to be less and less often!)! Daddy loves when you smile at him when he comes home from work!

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, Little Man, BuggaBoo (That's just from me... your dad is not a fan!)

Photos of your third month:

We've had such a fun month with our sweet little boy. We can't believe how much he has grown and learned more things! He's fun to watch, hold, play with, and especially snuggle. He's such a happy and content baby. Simply wonderful- can't imagine life without him. 

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