Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas #2.

We left Auburn on Christmas Eve and headed to Birmingham. We spent some time catching up at the Watford's house then headed to the Palmers!
We had Christmas Eve dinner, the Christmas story, and presents! We play dirty santa with the older girls and then the older boys. I stole an infinity scarf and bracelets from Meredith which retired with my ownership. I love it!

After we headed to the Watford's to do presents. It was the year of boots:
Me, Mere, and Mace got boots... and Mike got two pair of boots. I LOVE them and am so excited to have my first pair of real cowboy boots. I also got an adorable picture frame and scarf. Later we played MadGab and the girls dominated on the boys! It was a blast!

Me and Matthew went home to sleep in our own bed! And woke up before church to do our own little Christmas! Matthew got me a great Francesca's dress and a tripod for my camera! I got him an office calendar and tickets for an Atlanta Hawks basketball game!
We went to church after and then to the Watfords for lunch with the family! Later a few of us headed to the movie theater to watch Tin Tin... definitely not my favorite movie, but fun none the less!
SO, Christmas number two is complete and next week we'll head to Huntsville to finish it all up!

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