Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013.

We were so blessed to get to spend so much time with family this Christmas season! Matthew took the whole week of Christmas off so we headed out on Saturday night toward Birmingham! We enjoyed having some chill time with the fam the few days before Christmas! I was so excited to make Cameron's first Christmas a fun one!

On Christmas Eve we spent the morning playing and enjoying the day! Cameron was in a fabulous mood and was so fun! 

We had a ridiculous amount of presents under the tree!

Late afternoon we headed toward Shades for the Christmas Eve Candle Service! We hadn't been to a Christmas Eve service in quite some time, so we were excited to go! Cameron did great for the most part but Cece took him to the back right at the end! 

After the service we hurried over to Nan and Daddy Butch's house for dinner and Palmer family fun! I think Cam enjoyed his first Christmas Eve!  

Cameron got to open his first Christmas presents... one from Will and one from Nan and Daddy Butch. He loved his new book and slide!!!

We put Cameron down for bed while we were there in the pack n play and played Dirty Santa with the adults! Soo much fun as usual! When we went back to the Watford's house we put him in his pj's and took some pictures by the tree before we had the "sleepy" look! 

Cameron was up at his normal time, bright and early Christmas morning! He did some playing and eating before everybody was up and ready to do presents! He opened the one from us first! He was not into opening the gifts at all- maybe next year!

Love his jersey from Aunt May-May!
Loved playing in Macie's hat!

Playing with my basketball goal from Pops and Cece!

Merry Christmas from the Watford's!

Cousin Tucker was sick, but we were so glad he started feeling better!
On Thursday we were off to Huntsville for some Christmas celebration Thaxton style! Unfortunately Cameron started getting sick that morning and was just not quite himself for most of the rest of the trip! Just not as smiley and happy as he normally is! Pappy and Gig were happy to have us anyways!

Saturday morning we had our "Christmas morning" and all woke up and got going pretty early! (Things are so different when you have little kiddos!) It was fun having everyone together to celebrate!

Tatum and Caroline were wanting to crawl when Cam started to!
 Our whole group... mostly looking like bed heads :)

We ended our Christmas celebration with a yummy Christmas lunch/dinner! So glad Charlie could join us too :)

And I'm not going to lie... I do love when Christmas drags out a bit! And this year it did!! After Christmas with the Thaxton's, on Sunday we got to do "Christmas" with Grandmother & Grandaddy and Mammaw! So blessed I tell you :)

So if you couldn't tell... this Watford family had an extremely wonderful and festive Christmas season! So happy to spend so much time with all the people we love!! Cameron had a great first Christmas and I couldn't be more thankful!

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