Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#2: Week 17.

Time is just flying by with this baby #2.
Our last doctor's appointment went great, literally waited an hour and had my blood pressure taken and listened to the baby's heartbeat and that's it. Really, really looking forward to our next appointment to find out if it's a boy or girl. I don't have a hunch, just like last time, but I am completely prepared for it to be another boy. Having a little bro for Cam will be presh and we will be so excited! Things have been normal for me as far as pregnancy goes. I typically don't "feel" pregnant except when I'm working out or hurrying to the bathroom in the morning! I think I'm just now starting to show, not that strangers would notice yet. I believe we went to Israel over my 17th week last time and that's when my belly "popped." Obviously I'm past that now, but still pretty thankful for how long it's taken to truly show this time around. I've definitely gotten my big ole appetite back. I'm always hungry and ready for a snack! Which is a nice change from my food aversion 1st trimester self. I've even cooked and eaten some chicken here recently. I feel like I've gotten most of my energy back too. I haven't taken a nap in I don't know how long :) {Not even on Sunday! Woah!} I enjoy talking to Cameron about his future sibling... anytime he touches my stomach I say, "Are you saying hi to little brother or sister?!" He won't remember life without this next little one and that is special. Can't wait to see them together. Ahh, did I mention how happy I am that Baby #2 comes much quicker than #1! We will be over half way in just a few short weeks!

By the way. January 2nd is the day we find out if this little bundle of love is a he or she. Can't wait to call this nugget by name!

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