Monday, December 2, 2013

The biggest Iron Bowl.

Iron Bowl Eve us Thaxton's headed up to Samford to take a family picture. It's not every day that we have every member of our family together. 

We are a big Auburn loving family :)

{the original Thaxton cousins}

Iron bowl Saturday. They built this to be the Biggest Iron Bowl ever. #1 Alabama was coming to play #4 Auburn in Jordan-Hare. Fighting for the SEC West division championship and the spot to go play for the SEC championship, with hopes of going to play in the National Championship. We, as Auburn fans, felt like we had an incredible come back season. Overcoming all the odds against us. Coming into the Iron Bowl in the last week of November with one loss to a ranked LSU team early in the season. Auburn fans were jacked. After all we had endured the past year, just being "in" this game would be huge. But most of us did hope that maybe, just maybe our guys would come to play and beat the bamers. I couldn't help but comment to fellow Auburn fans, "War Eagle, see you at Toomers!"

We started our day on campus at the tailgate. Fun people and yummy food and lots of AUBURN :)

After the tailgate the boy's headed to the stadium to cheer on our Tigers and the girls headed home to put the babies to sleep and watch the game on tv! The game was a fun one. We had moments that were awesome and others when I was dying to yell at the tv! Alabama begged for a second to be put on the clock to take the lead with a long field goal. After having missed 3 of their previous field goals, we had a little hope that this one would go our way too. As the kick went up we saw it would be short, ahhhh a sigh of relief.... but wait our own Chris Davis was in the end zone to try and return it. And return it he did. It was AWESOME!!! We all jumped up and down and screamed!!! And then ran around to find our shoes and head to Toomers :)

Ahhhh, we were a happy happy family Saturday night. Excited for a year of Auburn being on top :) And now we are just pumped to be playing another game this Saturday... Beat Missouri!

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