Friday, January 3, 2014

Cameron: 12 months.

ONE?? You have got to be kidding me. It's going to take me a while to wrap my head around that. How is that possible that my baby is now one?? 

Stats: 19 lb 8 oz (5%) 28.75 in (10%). 
Size 3 diapers, 12 months clothes.

Firsts: First time climbing a stair, first Iron Bowl and rolling Toomers after! First time walking by yourself, first SEC Championship- we won! First time to Genghis Grill... you loved it! First Christmas and all that goes along with it- Eve, Candle light service, presents, etc.

Milestones: WALKING! We are thrilled that you decided to take up walking before your first birthday! You cruised around for so long we weren't sure if you would ever make the transition! 

Food & Sleep: Same as last month! Except, you're getting more picky.  

Our days: Same as last month! 

Favorites: Mommy & Daddy's favorite is that you can walk. It makes you seem very, very old!  

Nicknames: Cam, CamMan, CammyCam, Buddy, CamTron

Oh what a wonderful year it has been! You have truly brought us so much joy we can hardly stand it! You've come from a helpless little baby to a semi-independent, happy little boy! I wish you could stay young forever or atleast slow down please!! We love you sweet thing! And can't wait to see you be the best big brother this next year!!!

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  1. When is the big reveal?? He looks so cute in all the Christmas pics.