Tuesday, September 4, 2012

23 Weeks.

Cameron is the size of a grapefruit... weighing about one whole pound!!

How far along? twenty three!
Total weight gain? Still maybe around 6-7 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Finally went shopping and found that the Old Navy in Huntsville actually had their maternity clothes in store! Got a few things! Mom picked a few things up for me from Motherhood Maternity! Still feel very unprepared for life, but I'm making it!
Stretch marks? None!
Sleep? It's been rough the past few nights! Last night I literally woke up every 2 hours (early baby prep??) I think when I'm actually sleeping, I'm getting some good sleep!
Best moment last week? Being in Huntsville for the long weekend and enjoying the family and also buying some things for me and Cameron!
Movement? Oh yes, the past few nights he has been quite violent when I laid down in bed! I love it though!!
Food cravings? We are back to the "anything sweet" phase :/
Gender? Baby BOY!
Labor signs? None!
Belly button in/out? Still in, but everytime I check on it, it looks closer and closer to creeping out!
Missing? Being comfy all the time. Now either my body hurts or my clothes are annoying! haha
Looking forward to? Doctor visit on Friday morning! (I feel like I haven't been in forever!!) Chill weekend here with hubby!
Milestones? KInd of figuring out Cameron's schedule! He usually kicks every afternoon and then right when I'm hopping in bed! 

{It was so great to go home! :) Elizabeth and Heather are going to love Cameron soooo much!!} 

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