Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finally, War Eagle.

Welllll, we finally got to win a game... to LA Monroe. And it was a close game. Ha! It's going to be quite the long season. But, we were happy to have our sweet friends, The Brown's, come and cheer Auburn to a W. 

It was an early game and a hotttt game. I barely survived :) I had to get a bottle of water and a frozen lemonade to keep me hydrated and functioning. Can you believe they charge $5 for one of those frozen lemonades?! That's crazy talk. I'm almost positive it went up a dollar.

Paul and Anna were such troopers and put up with me and Matthew and our crazy Auburn love- which includes crazy yelling at bad calls/mistakes and crazy celebration when anything good happens. I was happy to have her there for me to chat with when our guys we're sucking.

And as for me and Matthew we were quite happy to be back into our favorite place watching our favorite team :) It's fun for us to think about taking Cameron to a game next year and starting that tradition. We will be back next weekend to watch what we are sure will be a beating by LSU. It doesn't matter though, come on... yall all know. We will always LOVE our tigers- through it all.

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