Tuesday, September 4, 2012

22 Weeks.

Cameron is the size of a papaya, almost weighing one pound!!

How far along? 22 weeks already?! Wowzers!!
Total weight gain? 6-7 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Still doing some normal shirts but preferring dresses most of the time.
Stretch marks? Nothing that I've noticed.
Sleep? Better! Me and Matthew switched sides of the bed and I think we are both much more happy! Now it's slightly easier for me to try and sleep on my left side (I always end up on my back!) Getting up once to use the restroom!
Best moment last week? Getting our fabric swatches in and continuing to look for nursery decor!
Movement? Yes, he loves to give me some love kicks every afternoon! And daddy gets to feel him at night!
Food cravings? Watermelon!! 
Gender? Boy... still sooo strange to think about it!
Labor signs? Zero.
Belly button in/out? In, but I'm sure it should be popping out soon!
Missing? Shopping for cute normal clothes!!
Looking forward to? Going to Madison this weekend! Can't wait to work on a few little projects for Cameron's nursery! (AND Auburn Football! Cameron is SO excited about that!!)
Milestones? Sleeping success?? haha

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