Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impromptu date night.

Tuesday I ended up having to work late... this was unfortunate since our apartment was a complete disaster and we were without any bread. I was being a horrible wife- dirty house and nothing for hubby's lunch. Thankfully he is a forgiving man :) Anyways, I knew I wouldn't be able to get anything done after work because we were going to the AU vs. Samford baseball game conveniently located just right down the road at Samford! Hubby's high school friend plays for Samford so it was a perfect time to go watch him! {Hubby and I went to watch him on our first Valentine's Day! So, it's a happy memory for us!}
So I figured this is business as usual, just going to a game. To my surprise... it felt like a date! It was fun! Just sitting around chatting and watching the game. Baseball games are so different then other sports- it's very very chill! 
I was so happy to just get to chitchat with my hubby for 3 hours. It was beautiful weather and lots of AU people were there! Unfortunately Samford's stadium is ity bity {but really pretty!} so we had to sit on the grass! Side note- we just started doing Insanity, the workout, so sitting on the ground was slightly painful for our overly sore bodies!
Andddd in other big news, I smelled a hot dog while at the game and kind of craved one. This is odd because I have never liked hot dogs! Hubby loves them so we split one. I insisted that we put ketchup on it- get this... I don't like ketchup either! It was a strange taste buds night! Well I tried it, and it was okay. Just okay. Won't be buying another one of those for me any time soon.
So we lost the game in the bottom of the 9th on a grand slam. Sad! But it was still a fun date night!!

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