Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day trip to Atlanta.

For Christmas I got Matthew tickets to see the pro basketball team- the Atlanta Hawks. Little did I know, going to a pro game for the first time for a guy is like letting a girl like me have a shopping spree at the nearest mall! I made a remark while at the game that the guy in front of us was taking quite a bit of pictures of all the players and how I thought it was funny. Matthew said, "I would do the same thing." Haha, who knew... learn something new about my hubby all the time. 

Hubby was the sweetest and brought me Chickfila in bed for breakfast- yes, I do stay in bed that long! Once we got all ready we headed to Leeds to check out the outlets. We both had never been there... I was impressed! It was super nice and is now my new favorite place. They have Gap and Banana Republic outlets! Hubby bought me an outfit and lets just say I could have done sooo much damage to the budget there!! We had a yummy free pretzel from Auntie Anne's while we were there! Success, success!
{road trippin'}
We eventually made it to Atlanta and found a place to park downtown. We headed to the CNN center. It was our first time there too. We we're impressed with it too! How great to have a food court connected to the Philips Arena. SO great! We had some yummy Chinese- I was set on getting my Chinese fix! Then watched some CNN before heading into the game!

{After the game in the Arena}
Here's my two instagrams from the day:

{So many crazies in one day! First we see an old man just riding along on the side of the road, not in a lane at all. Next the girl next to us at the game kept a toy frog on her hand the whole game- and continued to take pictures with it... which we we're conveniently in the background. And don't even get me started on all the GA Tech fraties... What a day!}
We forgot how long of a drive it is from Birmingham to Atlanta. In the words of Matthew... "We won't be doing that again for a while!" But it was all super fun, so great to be able to spend all day with my hubby!

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